The State Of Food Insecurity In Ethiopia Research Paper

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Ethiopia is a nation that suffers from chronic food insecurity. Towards the end of 2015, Ethiopia was affected by the latest El Ni?o induced drought caused by the annual . This drought has lead to cattle weakening from dehydration and malnutrition, as well as crops growing poorly. Currently in Ethiopia, 9.7 million suffer from food insecurity as of September 2016 (UNOCHA, 2016). This is likely to impact the state of Ethiopia?s food security negatively as well as a range of other assets such the economy of Ethiopia.

Recent swings in the El Ni?o and La ?Ni?a climate patterns have lead to severe droughts and crop failure in Ethiopia. Starting in 2015, El Ni??o swept the Horn of Africa, causing widespread crop failure and cattle malnutrition. Ethiopians in particular have been impacted drastically by these recent changes, with 9.7 million people in Ethiopia requiring some form of aid to meet their basic needs (UNOCHA, 2016). In some areas the crop failure was as high as 90% (UN News, 2016). The El Ni?o drought of 2015-2016 has been particularly damaging for on the nation?s food security, resulting in Ethiopia becoming more dependent upon foreign aid and imported foods.
As the previous El Ni?o drought occurred in 2012, naturally the El Ni?o drought would occur in 2015-2016, since La Ni?a and El Ni?o are weather patterns that occur consistently and in cycles. The reason, however, that the recent El Ni?o is the worst faced in 50 years, is the fact that it developed after 12-18 months of inconsistent rainfall, drought, and has been intensified by climate change. El Ni?o has caused several of the largest harvests of the year to be severely limited such as the Meher harvest, October/November harvest, of 2015. This harvest is responsible
for most of the food that is grown over the year. As such, the crop failures that occurred for that harvest had lasting impacts over 2016.

A number of strategies have been employed by the United Nations in order to mitigate food insecurity in Ethiopia. Seeds have been sent to 1.5 million farmers in order for these farmers suffering from drought, to replant before the next harvest, as previous crop failures have greatly depleted the seed supply that farmers in Ethiopia currently possess. Livestock belonging to Ethiopians suffering drought have been checked for diseases, and 1.3 million people were supplied drinking water through water trucks, distributed by the United Nations. Another fashion of which the United Nations is helping to limit food insecurity is the continuous supply of food to those...

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