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The State Of Israel Essay

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Do you know the state of Israel? Well even if Israel declared Its independence not very long ago, in 1948, its founding of the jewish state is over 3,000 years old. It is a small Middle Eastern country with small density population. But with a big range of geographic, ethic ands religious diversity. It is a strong country the modern state of Israel has endured war. Today, Israel still serves as homeland for jews and all immigrants. “Israel is a international social world” (Fisher 1).
The state of Israel is a country bordering countries like Egypt, Jordan and Syria. Israel became “The State of Israel” in 1948 when it was granted liberty. And eight months later it held its first elections to form a new national government. In this election a president a prime minister and the members of the Israels Knesset were chosen for this country. The actual president in Israel is Shimo Peres, but at the time of the first elections chosen by the Knesset for a five year term was Chaim Weizmann, the first president of the state of Israel. In Israel a democratic government is were a president is held on a five year term with only one re-election. Also a very important figure in Israel is the prime minister. The prime minister has to elect members of his cabinet to join the Knesset. Also very important is the Knesset a group of one hundred twenty people, chosen by popular vote. This group has supreme political authority. In this country, In addition to the main division of the inhabitants of the country Jews 80% and Arabs 20%, there are many more subdivisions. The Jews, for example, are divided into religious and secular, while the latter include various immigrant communities that preserve their culture. Similarly, the Arabs are divided into Muslims, Christians and Druze. Along with these groups, Israel has little additional ethnic religious groups, such as the Circassians and Samaritans, and small Christian communities in Europe, such as the German community in Beit Ya'akov Zikhron.
Religion in Israel is particularly important since the city of Jerusalem for Jews, Muslims and Christians as it is the home of sites that are essential to their religious beliefs, such as the Old City under Israeli control, which includes Wester Wall and the Temple Mount and Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. Religious affiliation of Israeli Jews varies widely, A survey for those over than twenty indicates that 55% say they are traditional, while 20% see themselves secular Jews, which represents only 5% of Israels population in 1990, which is expected to represent more than a fifth of the Jewish population in Israel in 2028. Making 16% of the population, and Muslims constitute the largest religious minority in Israel. About 2% of the the population are Christians, and Druze 1.5% . The Christian population consists primarily of Palestinian Christians , but also includes immigrants after the collapse of the Soviet Union and foreign workers and followers of the...

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