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The Stand Of The Confederate States Of America

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The enormous impact of the Civil War on our nation willprobably never be determined, but would never have been possiblewithout the stand of the Confederate States of America. 'Theindependence of the Confederate States commenced by the withdrawalof the State of South Carolina from the Union of the United States.The ordinance of secession was passed on December 20, 1860 by aunanimous vote. The withdrawal of South Carolina from the Unionwas followed successively by the states of Florida, Mississippi,Alabama, Georgia, and Louisiana. A convention of delegates fromthese six seceding states assembled in Congress at Montgomery,Alabama, to organize a Provisional Government, on the 4th day ofFebruary, 1861. The Hon. R. M. Barnwell, of South Carolina, wasappointed temporary chairman. Forty-three men of these sixsouthern states adopted the Constitution of the Confederate Statesof America on Friday, February the 8th. The following day,Congress proceeded to the election of President and Vice-President.The Hon. Jefferson Davis, of Mississippi, President, and the Hon.Alexander H. Stephens, of Georgia, Vice-President, were elected byunanimous vote. They were sworn in on February 18th, 1861.'(Clarke13,14)Davis, who had been elected President, actually wanted to beappointed General in the Confederate Army. He was a graduate ofWest Point, fought as a Colonel of Mississippi Rifles in theMexican War, and was Secretary of War. He was pleased, however,when he was informed that he would be the President of a fledglingnation. When Davis had attended West Point, he had clearly read inhis textbooks, that any state had the right to secede. However,before leaving his U.S. Senate seat, he wanted to compromise.Davis knew that if the South declared independence, a war wasimmanent. Davis pointed out that the South was not the first toconsider secession. The states composing New England had threetimes considered secession. Once during the War of 1812, onceduring the admission of Missouri as a slave state, and once withthe admission of Texas into the Union. So, he rationalized,secession was legal. (Tilley 32-35).'On February 1st, 1861, the State of Texas declared herindependence by withdrawing from the Union, and uniting herselfwith the new Confederacy. Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, NorthCarolina, and Missouri also resumed their original sovereignty, andwere admitted into the Confederacy.'(Clarke 17,18). JeffersonDavis, in his inaugural address, stated simply that, 'All we ask isto be left alone.'By April, the tension between the Union and Confederacy hadbecome to great. When Major Anderson refused to surrender FortSumpter in Charleston harbor, the Confederate harbor guns openedfired. In the siege, the only casualty was a Confederate horse.It was a bloodless start to a very bloody war.'Invoking his state's Revolutionary motto, Sic SemperTyrannis, a young Virginia officer filled letters to his motherwith comparisons of the North's 'war of subjugation against theSouth' to 'England's...

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