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“The Stellar Tank”: All A Runner Needs To Succeed

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Nike, Adidas, Under Armour. All of these companies thrive by creating and selling athletic gear. Oakley, better known for their sunglasses, now wants a piece of this action too. In the May/June 2010 edition of Women’s Running, Oakley presents to readers a classy advertisement that has a photo of Karena Dawn (a famous personal trainer) sporting their “Stellar Tank.” The ad sprawls across two pages and has a mostly black, blurred background to really make Dawn and the tank really pop off the page. Minimal wording compliments the picture. At first glance, this ad appears to be simple, but a closer look makes Oakley’s true intentions shine through. Combined with Karena Dawn’s authoritative statement, this advertisement uses image association and connotation to make the consumer fall for the cultural myth of associating Oakley’s tank with beauty and effortless running.
The first piece of this advertisement the viewer sees is a beautiful woman wearing a cute top who appears to be a successful runner. While the reader can only see her profile, she is undoubtedly beautiful. Her skin is radiant, and her hair is flawless. Oakley’s tank fits her to perfection, and the fancy white watch, expensive looking earrings, and stylish sunglasses she is wearing compliments the top well. The picture in itself screams beauty, but the advertisers take the association with beauty even further. “Perform Beautifully,” is the second most viewable piece of the ad. Oakley should have just written “Use this product to be beautiful” on the ad because that is what they are saying. The advertisers simply found a way of being more effective by creeping up on unsuspecting consumers. Any reader who doesn’t dissect the ad would never realize that they are attracted to the tank top because of the mythical promise of beautiful, sweat-less running the advertisement caused them to correlate the garment with. Since this ad appears in a women’s running magazine, the reader is especially susceptible because of a woman’s natural attraction to wanting to be more beautiful. This advertisement is a prime example of how advertisers used associating a product with the image of beauty to their advantage.
While the words “The Stellar Tank” are some of the smallest on the page, they are some of the most important because of the connotation “stellar” has. The name of the specific tank top is “The Stellar Tank.” The tank is stellar indeed. What is more stellar is Oakley’s word choice in naming the tank. The way “stellar” sounds surpasses that of “great” or “excellent.” Karena Dawn appears to be running...

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