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The Stem Cell Research Controversy Essay

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Imagine this scenario: Hannah Lee Gavin attends George Mason University, takes a couple night classes and must walk a ways, on the dark, often desolate, path that leads from her car to class. One daunting evening she is abducted, raped, and to her distress impregnated. On the other side of the diminutive town Michael Jefferies is debilitated from Parkinson's disease. Now word of Michael's condition reaches Hannah and she decides to sacrifice her embryo and transplant the dopamine neurons from human stem cells to prolong Michael's life ("Stem Cell Basics" 2). As an eighteen-year-old college freshman Hannah is in no way capable of raising a child; she is capable, however, of saving a life. Stem cell research comprises a myriad of possibilities in disease treatments, is religiously accepted, and not as heinous of an act as most ethicists think. The research of stem cells, in order to save lives, is an ethical field of science.In only a few years from now, when a doctor diagnoses a patient with a life threatening disease or injury, that patient may hear the words "stem cells" come out of the doctor's mouth. What does this mean for the patient? It means an alternative to living a better and longer life. This very issue raises some moral questions to be answered. When a patient hears the phrase "stem cells," they usually think of an embryo. In the early stages the embryo is made up of about 150 stem cells. When the embryo is needed, the stem cells are only taken from them when they are a few days old. These stem cells are nature's bank slates, capable of developing into any one of the more than 200 cell types found in the human body ("Stem Cell Basics" 7). Once planted into the body, these cells can grow and regenerate them to whatever the body needs. It is said that these stem cells "may be able to cure everything from paper cuts to cancer" ("A to Z Guide to Advances in Medicine" 28).To a quadriplegic like Christopher Reeves or to a person suffering from Parkinson's disease (the same disease Michael J. Fox is dealing with) this particular kind of research and its benefits would be very exciting. Stem cells also provide an aid in correcting the genes of a fetus. This surgical technique provides the living fetus with healthy genetic material to overcome defective genes of its own by injecting the stem cells into the fetus ("Stem Cell Basics" 2). Only this type of surgery today better treats a few conditions than post-natal surgery (David A. Prentice 1).Many people believe it is scientific error to refer to the human embryo or fetus a as "human being with potential;" it is a potential human being. ("Remarks by the President on Stem Cell Research" 3). It is true that the genetic identity of the person to be, is fully determined at the first stage (zygote) and that fertilization activates the egg to indicate the process it someday may eventually provide. (Religious Tolerance, Stem Cells" 1). It is also true, however, that a single zygote can divide in a...

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