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The Step By Step Process Of Basic Essay Writing

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Writing is an important communication skill that is a necessary ability to be successful in today’s competitive job market. It can make the difference between getting a career and just getting a job. Even when applying for jobs that people consider ‘no brainers’, employers often ask applicants to write a paragraph or two explaining why they would make good employees for the company to which they are applying. On the application he was asked to state, in a paragraph, why he’d make a good team member for their store. He quickly realized that learning to write effectively should be the goal of every college student, and so he registered for an English Composition I course where he was attending college. The textbook he used was Writing to the Point by authors William Kerrigan and Allan Metcalf where they describe six steps to essay writing. They call this approach essay writing “writing to the point”, which identifies the strategy for structured paragraph composition. Within the course of instruction, the authors identify and explain these six steps necessary for coherent writing. The labels X, 1, 2, and 3 are used as identifiers to signify the thesis statement (X), sometimes referred to the main idea or theme and three topic sentences (1,2,3) for body paragraphs. The emphasis is that students must ‘write to the point’. In order to become good writers, students must follow six specific steps to accomplish the desired results.
The first step in the process is to write a short, simple, declarative sentence that makes one point. Keep is simple and direct to begin with and then, after making it clear and concise, develop it by rewriting the sentence several more times; each time adding more information to paint a word picture in the reader’s mind. For example, write a declarative sentence and then write it again on the next line down, but this second time add more information to the sentence. The additional information should clarify and give more detail about what was first said. For instance, if the first draft of the sentence was “Mary went to school”, the revision of it might say “Mary, who is the first child in the family to attend college, wore her new red coat on the first day of school to make a good impression.” This often takes rewriting the sentence several times to get the desired result. Each time enhance it by adding specific information to add clarity to what has already been said. Do this all without erasing the previous versions of the sentence. Sometimes, while revising a sentence, part of a previous one maybe incorporated into the latest one. Therefore, never write, erase, and rewrite, but write and rewrite without erasing, so every sentence written can be a source for word choices and ideas for a new one. In addition to this thesis sentence must make only one statement. A sentence that states ‘Michael was a good carpenter, likes stamp collecting, and was the eldest in his family’ may be a complete sentence,...

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