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Stereotypes can be spotted everyday. In fact, stereotypes are not just discerned, but used everyday. It is reasonable to be scared of a tattooed man walking close by in a bad neighborhood. It is reasonable to assume the old lady crossing the street needs assistance. It is reasonable to assume that people will not hire criminals to be babysitters. Human brains are incorrigible when it comes to making stereotypes, but humans can choose not to discriminate based on stereotypes. The spread of stereotypes can be observed in daily life, and their effects can range from innocuous to harmful.
Stereotypes are often used as a source of comedic relief. Comedians like Kevin Hart use their race to make ...view middle of the document...

Racial stereotypes, and other stereotypes about short people, fat people, disabled people, can cause people to feel bad about themselves and inferior to others. For example, Cheryl Peck uses verbal irony to describe her insecurities that rose from being overweight, “I have never assumed an admirer would never pay attention to me because I’m fat. I have never mishandled a sexual situation because I have been trained to think of myself as asexual. Unattractive. Repugnant” (Peck, “Fatso”). If people did not mistreat others, people like Cheryl would be a lot more comfortable with themselves. When stereotypes spread through mistreatment, there are poor, helpless victims.
Stereotypes that spread through media can have a more subtle effect. Ads featuring ideal men and women tend to make normal people feel inadequate. However, the media does not deserve all the blame, the media only shows what appeals to the public’s desires and thoughts. The media is not insulting people who are not models, actors, actresses, etc. The media is just complimenting people who are models, actors, and desirable people. People have to find beauty in themselves in order to be comfortable in a world where examples of ideal, desirable people are shown everywhere. Alaina Wong is an example of someone who altered how she viewed herself, “Finally I placed Barbie’s iridescent tiara on top of Kira’s jet-black hair. And what do you know? It fit perfectly” (Wong, “China Doll”). Wong discovered she was beautiful when she realized a doll named Kira...

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