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The Steve Jobs Way Essay

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The book I read was The Steve Jobs Way by Jay Elliot. Steve Jobs is famously known as the co-founder of Apple Computers Inc. along with Steve Wozniak. It is so different from other companies because of Steve Job’s determination to make a product like a consumer would want. For example he wanted the products to be very simple and easy to use. Jay Elliot first meets Steve Jobs at a restaurant after Elliot quits his job at Intel. Elliot begins his new job at the new company. The company has not grown yet, but they were working on the Lisa which was supposed to be the first Apple computer. It was later on replaced by the Macintosh because the Lisa was underpowered, heavy and expensive. Steve Job’s attitude towards his company reveals that he wants every bit of detail the way he wants it. He will not accept any denials because of his strong persistence.
Unfortunately, Steve Jobs needed a CEO to properly lead his company. John Sculley who was the CEO of Pepsi Co. replaced Steve Jobs for a period of time. That was also the time when Apple should manufacture the Mac or Apple II. Steve Jobs and John decided to manufacture the Mac. While Steve Jobs was gone he created NeXT Computer Inc. He also established Pixar and was successful. When Steve Jobs returned to Apple, he continued to create the ITunes music stores, iPods, iPhones, iMac and the iPad. Steve’s strong will to make his products pleasing to the consumers made his company grow large. Apple makes its products from a combination of Microsoft’s software, Sony’s gadgets and Dell’s computers. Apple and Steve Jobs have revolutionized computer technology at an alarming rate.
The themes from The Steve Jobs Way are structured by Steve Job’s leadership towards it. In fact the first theme is leadership because Jobs cares about his company and employees. I see him as a strong willed captain who wants his products to be made the way he wants to be. He is not stubborn, but knows what is best for the consumers. His triumphant return to Apple causes it to rise and is now one of the largest companies in history. A true CEO should be able to control his or her company well and be aware of what the consumer wants. Since Steve Jobs has a different perspective from others which is why his very famous quote is “Think Differently”
The second theme is ambition which is found in Steve Jobs. He is very ecstatic and will not stop at creating...

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