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What is the greatest innovation of the twentieth century? The web? Something about this cobweb just captures the imagination of anyone who gets a glimpse of the possibilities made available. This has led to people spending more and more time online. It has altered the very way that civilization conveys basic day-to-day information. College students today have had easy access to the internet their entire lifetime. Nevertheless, the disadvantages of this popular time passer are steadily increasing, as the price for this activity we call ‘surfing the web’ has evolved into more than just the currency and time we spend each passing day.
One of the more well-known issues caused by the internet, is the addictive properties of simple tasks such as checking notifications or messages, which normally leads to a complete distraction from more important tasks. Despite being well known, this issue is normally ignored. Whether this is a strategic move by a secret organization to control the minds of every Tom, Dick and Harry is completely different controversial topic. This ‘Internet Addiction’ affects a lot of people and need to be monitored as it can turn into a much more concerning issue and often requires professional help. Shouldn’t we be more concerned?
In the year 2012, it was estimated that 23% of European citizens under the age of twenty spend over five hours a day in some form of online activity. This statistic is completed with 26% spending an average of three-to-five hours each day, and then with the balance of 51% working on an average of less than three hours. Various departments of psychology have shown that the more time spent on the internet has a direct connection to the amount of concentration that an individual can withhold and the more time they want to spend on the internet.
There are many physical and social aftereffects of spending too much time online which is considered to be quite complex. Quite a visible complication that people may face, shares a direct connection to the global pandemic of rising levels of obesity. People are spending more and more time on the internet rather than taking part in healthier activities. Many of them are not using that time on the web for intelligence purposes, i.e. Students studying for that all important upcoming tests or completing that English essay that is due in the next day. Another complication is sociably, people are isolated within a virtual world instead of spending time with their kin and comrades.
Researchers show that damage is caused to the cognitive development of students, meaning younger people that have grown up with an easy access internet are finding it harder to separate fact from fiction. The problem is anyone can publish anything for free. Whether the fact is reliable or not, time is not being spent on verifying the source or validity of the content. There is a hunger and sensationalism. This is enhanced by the commotional and marketing side towards media. A perfect example of...

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