The Stolen Bacillus By H.G. Wells

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The Stolen Bacillus by H.G. Wells

This is a story set in the 19th century people had dress codes which
reflected your status in society. The dress code was formal and quite
severe it was almost as if the longer your top hat the higher up the
rank you are in importance in society. In this story we meet a man who
wants to help the society and quality of living whereas the other
wants to destroy order as he is what’s known as an anarchist. This is
someone who is feels that people should be responsible for there own
actions and decisions meaning they govern their own lives. In the 19th
century anarchists were seen as political agitators and sometimes
violent. As in this story where we will see a man desperate and
willing to go to extremes to get his point heard.

While the scientist is talking about the bacteria, H.G Wells makes him
talk about it as if it is a human and that it is like us. This is
shown when he says, “he would wait ready to be drunk in the horse
troughs”. By comparing the bacteria to humans the author is trying to
enforce the point that it is smarter than the average bacteria it is
as complex and technically as dangerous as a human.

The scientist is an idealistic and when the anarchist paid so much
interest into what he was doing he started to show off. He spoke about
his new cholera which is very harmful to a man he has just met, which
is indeed not a clever thing to do is. The scientist is an idealist
and is out to do well in the world and improve living conditions of
people. The scientist is not a man out to make money, just simply
wants to be famous.

When the chase is on it was funny to see the ridiculousness of this
rabbit hunt round London. Even though this story had some seriousness
behind it there was a lot of farcical laughter in this chase. Even the
thoughtlessness and gullibility of the scientist not realising that a
stranger would pay so much attention to some bacteria.

The anarchist is very absurd into thinking that by drinking the potion
that he would be able to infect the whole population in the story it
says, “He went walking down Waterloo Bridge jostling as many people as
possible trying to infect them”. The real blow must have come to the...

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