The Stories And Narratives Between The Virgen Mary, Rachel And Fatima

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Religion is a key aspect to the culture of today’s society, as well as, for thousands of years prior. One major key distinction remains, most religions are male dominated traditions. Catholic, Islamic, and Jewish philosophy truly exemplify this. However, the importance and major role women play within the realm of different theologies is evident. Mary, the Catholic Virgin Mary, the Jewish Rachel, and Islamic Fatima are three important saints whose influence and importance is recognized. The term saint sometimes may blur between mortal beings and heavenly realms. Nonetheless, the three saints named have significance within their particular religious content. Rachel, Mary and Fatima contrast ...view middle of the document...

Interpretation of explains that it is Rachel’s reward for the kindness she showed toward her sister, Leah. Rachel’s story is important because people within the Jewish community look to her if they are in need of “…healing, livelihood, and fertility…and appeal to Rachel in order to secure divine aid” (Sered 132). Due to Rachel’s sterility, she is especially sympathetic and understanding of women who share in the same issues and people to this day look to her to for assistance on the matter.
Rachel, who passes during childbirth, soul continues to live and search for her human children whom she longed so much for. Rachel’s power may stem from the fact she is dead and no longer on the earth. Rachel plays a key role in redemption, as does Mary. This is due to the fact that both women lost their sons, except however, Rachel demanded vengeance at the End of Days. Rachel stresses that not only does she want the next world to be good to her sons, but this one as well. Mary shares similar characteristics to Rachel, however numerous differences.
Mary is widely known to the Catholic Church and plays an important role in the conception of Jesus. In the testament to Luke, an angel appears to Mary to inform her that she will soon bear a child. The Virgin Mary praises God and eventually gives birth to Jesus in a manger. The famous story of the birth of Jesus is a journey to Egypt and once Jesus is born, Mary prays with the Apostles over Jesus’ bedside. Mary performed many miracles even until the day of her death. She summoned the Apostles to her bedside, as she did for Jesus. An important part of the story is that Mary did not actually die, but rather was assumed into heaven. Mary also has a key role in redemption. “She consented to the coming of the Savior into the world and later accepted the fruits of her Son’s redemptive act when, at Calvary, she officially represented the members of the Mystic Body” (Sered 133).
Mary has great power due to the fact that she is alive. She witnessed firsthand her son being murdered in the name of the people. Mary mourns the death of her dying son who is eventually resurrected into heaven. Due to the nature that Mary was chosen to be Jesus’s mother, she is known as the universal mother. She left no biological descendants but is the “mother to us all”. Mary is essentially unique. No one can imitate her because she was a virgin even after childbirth. Rachel and Fatima are more realistic models when it comes to believable, mortal women. Mary is known for her actions in strengthening the community and faith in Christ. The concept of redemption is pertinent to the Virgin Mother. “Mary is necessary for redemption; as living life-giver she migrates the death imagery of God incarnate crucified” (Sered 136). Lastly, Fatima is another important female figure within the Islamic community that shares commonalities with Rachel and Mary, as well as, alterations.
Fatima’s story is a little different compared to Rachel and Mary. The...

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