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The Stories Of Katherine Mansfield Essay

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“Dialogue in fiction is what characters do to one another,” the novelist Elizabeth Bowen argued. What is read and discussed is what the characters create, what they do, how they react, etc. Katherine Mansfield recapitulates exactly that through her creative and illustrating short stories. Mansfield takes you on a ride throughout her stories through the use of many different literary techniques displaying feelings and emotions. Katherine Mansfield wrote “A Dill Pickle,” a short story based on two former lovers. Through the use of symbols and themes, the short story takes us through the world of these two characters, who show changes they have gone through that essentially reopened the wounds of their past relationship.
"She dressed like a tart and behaved like a bitch. She seems to be an unpleasant and utterly unscrupulous character. She's gone every sort of hog since she was seventeen ... and she stinks like a civet cat that has taken to streetwalking." (Hansen 1) That is very harsh thing to say which came from the mouth of Virginia Woolf, another writer during the time period. Now although she nor a lot of people were very fond of Katherine Mansfield, people did admit to liking this ambitious young writer. By the time Mansfield died, she wrote 72 stories, mastered playing the cello, did a good amount of traveling and became a magazine editor as well as accomplished many other things in a matter of 35 years. Katherine was a passionate woman and she lived outside the norm of most young women of her time. Furthermore, had a free spirit and risked everything as well as always having a form of glitz in her life. She displayed herself as flashy and would change her personality so easily, as well as her writing. It was different but she carefully chose the details that made up her story. Having a dramatic entity to her story was not a concern she wanted to be as simple and truthful as possible. Mansfield wanted to display the characters as they would be seen in real life. She would focus on specific moments and use a character's reactions to everyday actions in order to brighten the character's expression and personality. “Miss Mansfield's stories are like life reflected in a round mirror. Everything is exquisitely bright, exquisitely distinct and just a little queer,” according to The Nation. (Mansfield 2) Mansfield created stories that readers always remembered as well as ones that they read over and over again. Her strong presence in her stories would never go away, which led Mansfield to use many techniques in her writing. She would continue to show and express how she felt and how she viewed the world around her through the use of symbolism. Symbolism was considered the most important technique to Katherine Mansfield. It influenced her early writing while additionally, it helped her develop ideas. “The most important idea that she took from the Symbolist theory was the belief that in literature an abstract state of mind or feeling...

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