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In Kate Chopin’s “The Storm”, sin happens to make a bond stronger than before. The story illustrates a couple who seems to be similar to the nature surrounding them. Both Calixta and Bobinôt happen to be going through a stormy period in their marriage. Although they are going through this turbulent period, Bobinôt’s actions display his imperfect but unconditional love for his wife. Bobinôt may not be the husband Calixta dreams of but throughout the story he illustrates that it does not matter what happens, the storm will pass and he will love her no matter what.
During the turbulent storm in the story, Kate Chopin depicts that the marriage of Calixta and Bobinôt is going downhill. Both Bobinôt and Calixta are trapped in different locations during the storm. Bobinôt is in a general store and Calixta is at home. Not only are they in different places during the physical storm but they are also in different places on where their marriage stands. Calixta exposes the reader to see that her husband, Bobinôt, does not understand her because during the storm she is buried in the arms of another man. Calixta makes it apparent that she needs more from her husband and if he is not going to give her what she needs, she will find it in another man. The story depicts that Bobinôt did not give his wife the attention she needs when Bibi asked, “Mama’ll be ’fraid, yes” and Bobinôt responds by saying, “She’ll shut the house. Maybe she got Sylvie helpin’ her this evenin’” but Bibi corrects him by saying, “No; she ent got Sylvie. Sylvie was helpin’ her yistiday” (Chopin 96). Bobinôt shows that he is not attentive to what is happening around the home with his wife during this part of the story. Bobinôt’s inattentiveness must cause him to not understand everything his wife goes through. With this said, it most likely makes Calixta feel as if he husband pays no attention to her, which is why she finds comfort in Alcée, the man who for a few minutes pays her every ounce of his attention.
Even though Bobinôt makes mistakes in understanding his wife, his love for her is unconditional. During the beginning of the storm, Bobinôt thinks of his wife and her safety while he buys Calixta her favorite shrimp. But Calixta’s feelings are different. She on the other hand, “felt no uneasiness for their safety” (Chopin 96). Before anything happened with Calixta and Alcée, it was apparent that the love Bobinôt and Calixta had for one another was completely different. When Bobinôt returned home Calixta acts as if her marriage has been restored and as if the storm they have been going through has finally passed. As a husband, Bobinôt knows his wife and knows that she has done a wrongful doing. The greatest action that shows that Bobinôt loves his wife is when...

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The Storm Essay

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