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"The Storm" And Ethics Essay

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Kate Chopin is famous for stories that have characters with a lack of ethics, and her 1898 tale “The Storm is no exception. The closing statement “So the storm passed and everyone was happy.” (Chopin, 282), is a clear statement of that lack of ethics. This line is spoken after the adulterous Alcee has told his wife to stay away for longer if she would like. From an ethical standpoint, the final line in the story is false. As Adultery is unethical, there is no founding in morality for the last line of the story to be true. Three immoral actions in the story are the action of infidelity, the letter Alcee sent to his wife encouraging her to stay away longer, and the fact that Bibi and Charlotte have no knowledge of the sinful events that took place in the story.
Adultery, defined as a person engaging in coitus with another person while one, or both in the case of “The Storm,” is married. This is a sin. The sinful nature of adultery is stated in the bible several times, most bluntly in Exodus: “You Must Not Commit Adultery.” (Exodus 20.14). Alcee and Calixta do exactly the opposite of this. Those that engage in such acts are damned, lest they repent and seek forgiveness from God. The sinful nature of Infidelity is just one reason the final line of the story cannot be true. To add to the sin of one-time infidelity, there are hints in Alcee letter to his wife that leads the reader to infer that he plans on engaging in sexual intercourse with Calixta once more. (Chopin, 282).
In his letter to Charlotte, Alcee states that “… If she and the babies liked it at Biloxi, to stay a month longer” (Chopin, 282). The reader can inference from this statement that Alcee enjoyed his love-making with Calixta so much, that he wants to do it again, consequently the reason for encouraging his wife whom he “misses” (Chopin, 282), to stay away for a while longer. This adds great substance to his sin. If he had regretted his lapse in judgment and sexual self-control, and repented, praying for forgiveness, the...

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