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The waves gently rocked the boat from side to side, lapping at the smooth fiberglass hull. Shrill cries of seagulls far above floated along the slight breeze, penetrating Jim’s peaceful dreams. He slowly opened his eyes, taking in the sunlight streaming through the porthole and the neat, orderly cabin around him. Smiling, he took a deep breath, and got out of his cot, heading up through the small staircase. As he climbed the steps, he took time to gaze at the various pictures of friends and family lining the walls. Even though he knew that those he loved were thousands of miles away, seeing their faces comforted him and made him feel less lonely. Stepping onto the foredeck Jim was confronted with miles and miles of blue ocean any which way he turned. He felt miniscule, unimportant, and insignificant in the face of all the vastness that surrounded him. For the first time since he started his solo voyage across the Atlantic, Jim realized that he was completely and utterly alone.
As Jim stood contemplating his lonesome situation, he was distracted by a sudden thump on the starboard side of his boat. Rushing to peer over the side, Jim became paralyzed with fear. His mind screamed for him to run, to do anything but stand there gripping the side of the boat with white knuckles, but his body refused to comply. Ever since he was little, Jim had been afraid of sharks, and yet not ten feet away one was swimming near the boat. It was a behemoth, gracefully gliding through the water with each stroke of its muscular tail. Its very presence seemed to suck the life out of everything around; the seagulls had disappeared, as well as the sea creatures that had previously populated the area around the boat. Jim shuddered as the shark passed, giving him view of the dark, lifeless eyes that seemed to stare right through him. He knew the shark was waiting for him to make a mistake, wanting him to fail, tense and ready to help him to a watery demise.
Jim’s thoughts were jerked elsewhere as a bolt of lightning struck nearby, lighting up the sky with pure energy and fury. Thunder followed shortly after, so deafening and powerful, that he felt the shock wave shake him to his very core. He felt his pulse quicken, and the icy feeling of adrenaline coursing through his veins, as his body prepared him for the inevitable chaos that was soon to come. His mind became focused on one thing and one thing only; survival. As Jim frantically ran around the ship, shutting hatches and securing gear, another clap of thunder brought with it a massive downpour of pelting rain. The waves grew bigger, and more ferocious, rocking the boat and making it hard for Jim to keep his purchase on the slippery deck as he ran to the helm. Here he struggled and eventually succeeded in lashing the wheel, to keep the ship on its current course. The ship bucked like a bronco, tossing and turning, heaving and struggling. Jim could hear a...

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563 words - 2 pages In the short story "The Storm", Kate Chopin demonstrates that the zealous storms which rage within us can be particularly greater than the actual events it self. The two main characters, Alcee and Calixta are two estranged lovers that re-encounter during a storm and relive their dormant passions. Chopin uses strong symbolism in "The Storm" to represent the twist of emotions and characters overpowered with an unsettling dark passion. Chopin also

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