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The Story Behind ShrekThere are many fairy tale stories throughout our world. The movie Shrek however is not your typical fairy tale. Although it can be considered a "kids movie", in some ways it is anything but that. Within the movie are a lot of hidden view points. Shrek has a lot of "adult type" humor that many children wouldn't understand. The movie has also succeeded in paralleling our society in many ways. It shows how the people today try to make money off of anything; shows that the "modern day woman" is more common; points out that many people today try to act a certain way and, of course, has some racial or ethnic stereotypes.In the beginning of the story, the pop culture theme of making a "quick buck" is pointed out right away. Today's society will make an effort to make money off of anything possible. "Get rich quick schemes" are very popular. This is shown in the movie by having people sell fairy tale creatures to the government at a cheap price. In today's world it is not uncommon for people to try to take advantage of those who are less advantaged or unable to protect themselves from persecution. For instance, look at con artists. They seek out people who are unsuspecting and take them for everything they have. This is similar to what is going on in Shrek. The people who are selling the fairy tale creatures are just trying to make a quick buck. The lady trying to sell the donkey doesn't care about the donkey's feelings. She just wants to make money the quickest and easiest way that she knows how to.One thing that Shrek points out that is definitely true about today's society is that people try to act a certain way in order to conform to what they think others want of them. Princess Fiona expects certain things and tries to be the perfect princess. Well, she certainly is not the perfect princess; she herself states that "princess and ugly just don't go together." Fiona becomes an ogre at night and her personality fits that face more so than the face of a princess. Instead of just giving into her true nature, she tries to hide her real self almost at all costs. Everyone today tries to act a certain way in order to please people. Whether it is dressing extra nice to impress that special person of the opposite sex or putting on a front for your friend's parents to make them think you're more mature than you really are. Another thing that people do today is hide their own beliefs just to please their friends. It is very common for many people to not speak up and to just go along with the crowd so that they fit in better. People today try to be perfect. The truth is that nobody is perfect, no matter how hard they try to be. Shrek himself tries to break this stereotype in the movie because he is not the "ideal" or "acceptable" hero. Although by the end of the story they realize that they have to be themselves, our society has not yet reached the "end of our story". People continue to conform to the norm when they would be much happier...

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