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The Story Is Taking Place In The 60’s In A City In Oklahoma. This Book Is Based On A True Story About A Big Rivalry Betweens Two Gangs Named Socs And Greasers. Socs Are The Rich Gang From The West Side, And Greasers Are From The East Side And Live A

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The Outsiders

The story is taking place in the 60's in a city in Oklahoma. This book is based on a true story about a big rivalry between two gangs named Socs and Greasers. Socs are the rich gang from the west side, and Greasers are from the east side and live a more poor life then the Socs does. The city is quite big and has at least one park, which I think describes quite beautiful with a fountain, playground and so on.

The Socs and Greasers clothing and interests are really different from each other. Socs is, like I've already mention, the rich gang. They play football, drinks a lot, have chicks around, they drive a nice mustang and so on. Greasers, on the other hand, steal things, drive old cars which they have souped-up, wear blue jeans and leather jackets. They did never speak to each other; the only time they meet is when they fight.

Ponyboy, who is the central figure, is fourteen years old, has quite long brown-red hair, green-gray eyes and lives that kind of poor life in the east side of the city with his brothers, Soda and Darry. He goes in school and is actually one of the smartest in his class.
Soda is sixteen going on seventeen years old and works at a gas station. He has brown quite short hair, a beautiful smile which makes the girls melt, shortly said - he is the handsome one. Soda understands almost everything and he cares about everyone in his gang and family.

Darry is the oldest one; he is the one who takes care of the family, he works a lot and is not interested of reading or drawing. He has dark-brown hair, is quite tall and muscular and his eyes are ice-blue with a bit of green in it. Darry is overprotecting and handle Ponyboy like a six year old and doesn't always realize that he maybe is too hard.
And at least; Johnny, he is really close to Ponyboy, Soda and Darry. He doesn't like his parents so much, especially not his dad, because he beats him up quite often and his mother does never care. Johnny is kind of a paragon for Ponyboy, but personally I don't think that he is the right person to be named a paragon.

Every figure has it owns character. In my opinion Johnny is kind of a hero, because he saved Ponyboy from get to be drowned in the fountain by the Socs, but I think he also is a victim because he had to kill the guy who was trying to kill Ponyboy. Many should maybe think that my thinking is a bit crazy when I say so, but I can just think about how I should react if it was my friend who was trying to be killed. In "the end" of the book Johnny and Ponyboy also save many kids from getting locked in into a burning church, and there of I think they both could represent the title heroes. There are many things in the book that I could write about to name out which person that fits with which character, but shortly I can say that everybody is in one way or another both heroes, victim, villain and friends.

When I read about Ponyboy and his thoughts around...

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