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The Story Of Abraham The Pirate

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“Lower the mainsail, we are here”, yelped the First Mate Tom, “Get the captain out here, tell him we have arrived”. The captain came out from his room; he was young, buck fellow, who was a fine height. “Everyone get ready for departure onto the island. This is going to be one of the most dangerous adventures of all of your lives. Many people have gone to this island and died. Dead Bone is a dangerous island, but we will be victorious and leave with great treasure!”, yelled Captain Abraham, with great pride. “There is a ship off the port bow”, barked a crew member. “Ah, its the ship of the Crimson Captain. They must be here for the treasure too”, said Abraham. Captain Crimson was a notorious pirate captain, who is Abraham’s rival. Crimson has got in the way of Abraham before. “We will still get the treasure, and become rich”, said Abraham with great pride. Now all of Abraham’s crew was ecstatic and ready to find treasure.
The crew got off the ship, and went onto the island. It was hot and steamy, and it could make a man pass out in minutes. Abraham lead his pirate crew through the brush of the island. The vegetation on the island was of like a jungle’s. There was tall trees with vines everywhere. “Make sure you watch your step, there are many traps on this island, as far as I’ve heard”, told Abraham to his crew. Abraham can ahead of a fork in the jungle. There was a sign there, and Abraham read it aloud to his crew. The sign said, “All that pass shall not return”. “Is this a threat”, Abraham said sarcastically. “No threat from a sign will stop my crew”, Abraham yelled out. Abraham lead his crew passed the sign, and there was now a path that the crew could walk on. Just then though, Abraham stepped on a secret button on the ground. Javelins on ropes fell from the trees. “Duck everyone”, yelled Abraham. The javelins just then hit half the members of Abraham’s crew. Half of the crew was now dead. “My Great God!”, said Abraham in fear. He had never lost a member of his crew, and now half of the crew was dead. The only ones left were Abraham, Tom, and about 5 other crew members. “We need to go back, if this was only the first trap set, who knows how deadly the others will be!” yelled First Mate Tom to Abraham. “No, we must still advance”, said Abraham. Abraham had a feeling that if he went on, the crew would find the treasure. The remains of the crew stumbled forward, until the found another stop in the path.
Another sign was here, and it read “If thee has made it here so far, then turn back now, or face death”. Reacting to the sign, Abraham told his crew to move forward and keep going. Though at this stop, there was two paths. Abraham knew that one path would be safe, and the other would lead to another death trap. One of the paths was covered in vines, and the other was perfectly clean. Again Abraham had a special feeling. He felt that the right path was the one covered in vines. “We are going to go down this path, get your swords ready to cut”,...

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