The Story Of Adolf Hitler And The Holocaust

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During World War II, the Holocaust happened. The holocaust was the mass genocide of Jews. The Nazis were responsible for this event; they were led by Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler was a dictator of Germany at the time. He didn’t really have a reason to kill all Jews except for the fact he blamed them for World War I, since he didn’t want all the blame to be on Germany. He was an extreme nationalist and thought that Germany was the best and would become very powerful. In reality the Jews actually did not have anything to do with World War 1. Hitler was soon after named Chancellor of Germany which created a totalitarian state; this outlawed any other political parties. After he had become the Chancellor of Germany, he passed the anti-Semitic laws which banned Jews from public schools and certain professions and careers. The churches had taught people that Jews had killed Jesus. (Sherman) Hitler did not really have a set plan on what he planned to do with the Jews, but he made a plan to get rid of them eventually. In the year of 1938, he began rounding up Jews and sending them to slave labor camps.
Hitler called these labor camps ‘Concentration Camps.” These camps held Jews and treated them unruly. The Jews were under extreme and harsh conditions. Before Hitler started sending Jews to concentration camps, he created many ridiculous laws against Jews. Some being the following: Jews are not allowed Health Insurance, Jews are banned from the German labor front, Banned Jews from joining the military, and Jews were also prohibited from obtaining legal qualifications. The Jews were discriminated against for a while. However, the laws were worse in Poland, as Joseph Sher had stated, “There was no future for Jews in Poland.” He also required Jews to sew a “badge” or clothing garment to their outer garments so they would be easily identifiable to people. They would also have to wear armbands too.
The first Concentration Camps in Germany were established soon after Hitler’s appointment of Chancellor of Germany in 1933. It was located in Germany, Dachau and was founded in March 1933. This was the first regular concentration camp that was established, afterwards, they started to become worse and worse. During 1933-1945, more than three million Germans had been forced to spend time in concentration camps. In total there were 30,000 slave labor camps, 980 concentration camps, and 1000 prisoner-of-war camps. Anyone who resisted or attempted to escape would be executed. During the beginning of World War II, these camps had become places were millions of people were...

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