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The Story Of An Influential Role Model, George Washington

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He was an excellent general and an influential role model to many people. He led the Patriots in the Revolutionary War and became the 1st President. He was the courageous, brave, and trustworthy George Washington. Throughout our lives, many people have showed that when power is acquired or given, it is often abused and taken advantage up.However, George Washington was the streak of hope scattered throughout a world of despair. Before George Washington came into power, King George, The King of Britain, had been unfair and cruel to the many citizens of America, which was a colony of England in the 1700’s.
On the other hand, though, many Americans went to war with Britain where General George ...view middle of the document...

This also allowed no one in Philadelphia to be harmed by any rebels of the Tax on Whiskey.Furthermore, George Washington also declared the US to be neutral between Britain and France and kept the young country from being harmed and having its government shattered.
Not to mention, President Washington established an effective tax system, a Bank of America, National Currency,and made treaties with Spain that allowed Americans to use the Mississippi River, allowing settlement and trade to take place so that the US could import and export from Europe and New Orleans . All of these accomplishments by the hardworking president reduced the federal debt by a margin and made up for the astronomical costs of the American Revolution. They helped create peace between the United States of America and other foreign countries, as well. In many ways, George Washington proved to be excellent at directing foreign policy and creating a strong government with a stellar economy.
More importantly, at the time, England had been invading many ships sailing to France, which included American Ships. This problem vastly expanded into a huge dilemma, which resulted in the US restricted from conducting trade with their regular ships. Because of this, President Washington created the Jay Treaty, along with Alexander Hamilton. This would remove the British from western forts, and resolve financial debts left over from the Revolution.
Last but not least, George Washington demonstrated that power doesn’t affect people negatively in...

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