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Artemis: Goddess of Light and Protector of the Vulnerable
Artemis is the Greek Goddess of the hunt, wild animals, the wilderness, female fertility, and the moon. Out of all the Olympian goddesses Artemis is the only one to actually have a real mother. She is the daughter of Zeus, the ruler of all the Greek Gods, and Leto a Titaness. Zeus was involved in an affair with Leto and secretly impregnated her. Leto was forced to give birth to the babies while being chased around by a python sent by Zeus’ wife Hera. Fortunately for Leto her first child Artemis was born without any pain but unfortunately for her she had twins so her labor continued. As weak as baby Artemis was she quickly took over ...view middle of the document...

” Artemis would never have to marry in her life and would be able to remain a virgin for eternity. Artemis being all for lifelong purity was extremely protective of her nymphs and it angered her when the didn’t keep their purity. ("The Greek Goddess Artemis." )
For example one of Artemis’ nymphs Callisto didn’t keep her purity. Zeus had disguised himself as Artemis and impregnated Callisto. Artemis was furious when she found out and turned Callisto into a bear. But before she could actually kill her in the bear form, Zeus turned Callisto into a constellation of stars. Artemis was a goddess who was only had female companions with the exception of her twin brother. “She often bathed and danced with her nymphs and other woman companions. One time the hunter Actaeon saw Artemis bathing with her nymphs. Artemis made him paralyzed while staring at the bathing women. Artemis was not pleased with him, so she turned him into a stag and made his own dogs attack and kill him.” (The God and Goddess | The Story of Artemis.)
Artemis only ever had her one love affair. It was with a mortal Orion. Artemis was very fond of him and was with him a lot. Apollo became very jealous of him and upset that his sister’s attention and time had been taken away from him. “So when Orion went swimming far out in the ocean, Apollo knowing Artemis couldn’t resist a challenge to be the best made a bet with Artemis that she couldn’t hit the floating object way out on the horizon. Artemis being full of pride, gladly...

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