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The Story Of Cain And Abel(Summarized)

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The Story of Cain and Abel(Summarized)

Generally, when believers in Christianity hear the word "Cain," they immediately think of "brother-slayer," "hell," and all sorts of evil. Who was Cain and what led him to be a "brother-slayer"? In my essay, I shall tell the tragic story of two brothers and how their brotherhood ends in utter destruction. This story shows how just one ounce of jealousy can cause cold-blooded murder. Cain was indeed the cause of his brother's brutal murder.

The story of Cain comes from the Old Testament in the Bible. Adam's wife, Eve, becomes pregnant and has her first child, who is truly insincere, selfish, and later on, commits the ultimate taboo; he murders his own flesh and blood. This child's name is Cain. Some time later, she gives birth to another son, Abel, who, unlike Cain, is very genuine, selfless and who can never think of hurting someone, let alone murdering him. When the two children grow up, Cain is a farmer, and Abel is a shepherd. They are both asked by their parents to give offerings to the Lord whenever possible, but only without any expectation or selfish desire in return. It is not possible for Cain to be so selfless and kind.

One day, Cain brings some of his leftover harvest as an offering to the Lord, whereas Abel brings one of his first lambs born to his sheep, kills it, and gives it to the Lord as a sacrificial offering. The Lord is very much pleased with Abel and rejects Cain's offerings, since the Lord knows that Cain is giving his offerings, but with selfish motives. Cain then becomes extremely angry with Abel and shows his discontentment. The Lord then asks Cain why he is frowning. He says to Cain that if Cain had done the correct thing, he would...

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