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In a recent newspaper article (Guernsey electricity supply ‘more’ expensive in May 2012) it stated that electricity costs are going to increase and supplies would become unreliable or erratic. It is obvious that this will cause a considerable distress and discomfort for the residents of Guernsey because electricity is needed for warmth and lighting. The purpose of this essay is to describe how and why electricity has become such an important part of people’s lives.

By way of background, it is important to state what electricity actually means. According to The Need Project (Electricity: The Mysterious Force), electricity simply means electrons in motion. These electrons are tiny particles found in atoms. An atom consists of protons and neutrons. Protons and electrons are attracted to each other are attracted by each other and carry and electric charge. The proton is positively charged while the electron is negatively charged.

According to The Electricity Forum: Electricity history 2012, electricity was first found in ancient Greece by Greek Philosophers over two thousand years ago. They discovered that when amber and cloth are rubbed against each other, there tends to be a form of attraction between the two. They called it the basics of electricity. Also, the article stated that many electricity-related discoveries were made during that period. In addition, Kowalski, K. M. 2009 stated that before the early 1900’s the source of light was from candles and oil and gas lamps. However, it was very dangerous as it could cause fire explosions.

There have been three respected people whom in the past contributed greatly to the development of electricity. Firstly, Benjamin Franklyn. He was an American scientist who established the fact that lightning and amber sparks are identical. He joined a spike composed of iron to a sleek kite, which was flown during a period thunderstorm, while the end of the kite string was held by an iron key. When lightening flashed, a tiny spark jumped from the key to his wrist. Franklin's theory was proved by this experiment though his life would have been taken due to the risk involved in it. According to The Electricity Forum: Electricity history 2012, electricity was not created by Benjamin Franklyn as most people think, rather it has always been around before his existence. He only discovered the relation between electricity and lightning. Secondly, Galvani and Volta, a professor in Italy who studied medicine, discovered that a dead frog’s leg shivered continuously when it was touched by a metal knife in 1786. Therefore assuming the frog accommodates electricity. However, Allesandro Volta countered this discovery saying that the major contributors in it were the knife and the tin plate which are metallic objects in which the frog laid dead. Volta observed that when two metallic objects are separated by moisture, electricity is created. This resulted in the invention of the “the voltaic pile” which was the...

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