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The Story Of My Parent's Emmigration From Ukraine

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The story starts off after the fall of the Soviet Union. My parents had emigrated from

Ukraine to Canada as the Fourth Wave of emigration. This wave began during the year of 1991

and is still present in today’s society. When the Soviet Union had collapsed, Eastern Europe did

as well. Citizens of Ukraine immigrated to different countries voluntarily. My parents were one

of the many couples who decided to explore the different countries in search of a better future.

Throughout their and their family’s lifetimes, the situation in Ukraine has been very unstable.

Politically Ukraine had many different dictators. When the Soviet Union broke up, citizens

escaped as quickly as possible in a questionable fear that another dictatorship would form before

they would escape. My parents lived in to America for some time since they had known some

friends and family who lived there. Eventually, my parents decided to move to Canada and have

been citizens here ever since. The reason of the departure from Ukraine was due to the fact that

the country was economically and politically unstable. Life in Canada is seen safer because there

are legitimate laws that people follow and there has been no dictatorship yet! Canada is a stable

and multicultural country with human freedom and rights that does not suppress the Ukrainian


One example of the Russians attempting to destroy the Ukrainian nation is

Holodomor. During the occupation of Ukraine, Russia had a plan to destroy the Ukrainian nation

as a political factor and social organism. The definition of Holodomor is death by forced

starvation. Holodomor was a man-made famine during the winter of 1932-1933 that was planned

by Joseph Stalin to undermine the nationalistic pride of the Ukrainian people. Ukrainians were

denied the basic vital essentials which were required to survive. “Colonization by a foreign

Masnyi 3

(Russian) population undermined the unity and sense of common interests in the communities”.1

The Soviet police confiscated the Ukrainian farmers of their homes, livestock, wheat crops, and

valuable possessions. Those who resisted giving up their homes and crops, were violently shot to

death or deported to regions in Siberia. Some families and individuals chose to burn their homes

to the ground and kill their livestock, instead of handing it over to Soviet authorities. People did

this because they did not want to support the authorities by benefiting their survival. Many

families hid food from the Soviet soldiers. Families who were found attempting to hide grain

resources were killed on the spot. This campaign of terror was organized to instill fear within the

nation, and force them to relinquish all resources they had. The ultimate goal was to have these

people embrace Sovietism, abandon all nationalistic pride, and wipe out the nation. The people

in Ukraine were not given access to leaving their towns, villages or the country. Nobody...

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