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The Story Of Princess Huo's Daughter

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The story of Princess Huo’s daughter is a story about a man by the name of Li Yi. Li Yi was from a good family and showed brilliant promise. Even senior scholars admired him. At the age of twenty-one, he hoped for a beautiful and accomplished wife. In Chang’an Li asked a matchmaker by the name of Bao to find him a wife. Li gave her expensive gifts and she was very well inclined to him. One afternoon, some months after talking to Bao Li was sitting in the south pavilion of his lodgings when he heard continuous knocking. Bao entered and Li asked her “What brings you here so unexpectedly, madam”. Boa had found Li a perfect match for a wife, and with the good news Li was ecstatic and leaped for joy. Saying “I shall be your slave as long as I live!” Bao informed him that she was the youngest daughter of prince Huo. Her name is Jade, her mother was the prince’s favorite slave. When the prince died, his sons refused to keep the child, so they gave her a piece of wealth and made her leave. She changed her name, and the people do not know the prince was her father. She is the most beautiful creature you ever saw, with a sensibility and grace beyond compare. She is well versed too in music and the classics. She knows you by reputation. I have already made an appointment for you. Go tomorrow at noon to the end of the lane, and look for a maid called Guizi. She will show you the house. The next day Li Yi set out to meet his match, and when he arrived, Bao introduced him to the girl’s mother. Li said I am clumsy fellow, and do not deserve such a distinction. If you accept me, I shall count it as a great honor as long as I live”. Then his mother stated, “We have heard of your brilliance as a scholar. And now that I see what a handsome young man you are too, I am sure your fame is well deserved”. Then Jade was called in to meet Li, and Li bowed as she entered. At her entrance, he felt as if the room had been transformed into a bower of roses, and when their eyes met, he was dazzled by her glance. Jade says to her mother “Shouldn’t a poet be more handsome”. Li caught up...

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