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“I took the one less traveled by, / And that has made all the difference” (Frost 19-20). Many famous lines like these have been written at different periods of Robert Frost’s life. Most of his poems can tie back to a specific time and place in Frost’s lifetime. Different poems convey various emotions as Frost writes about many personal struggles and successes that he encountered in his lifetime. Robert Frost portrays his childhood, marriage, and adulthood through his various poems, like “A Peck of Gold,” “Birches,” ”The Thatch,” and “The Birds Do Thus.”
To begin with, a poem that represents Frost’s childhood is “A Peck of Gold.” Robert Frost once said, “But I was one of the children told / some of the dust was really gold” (Frost 7-8). This poem talks about Frost’s walks with his mother around the city. He lived in San Francisco and would notice the Golden Gate Bridge and the lasting impacts of the Gold Rush on the town as he walked. As Frost noticed these things, he would come to the conclusion that some of the things he saw must really be made of gold. This poem is able to show how mystified Frost was by the city in which he lived. It also shows just how close he and his mother were. Just as “A Peck of Gold” represented his childhood, the poem “Birches” does as well.
Next, in the poem “Birches” he thoroughly describes many periods of the time he had as a child growing up. Line after line it’s evident that Robert Frost’s childhood was somewhat lonely, which allowed him to be very creative and make do with what he had. He wrote, “Some boy too far from town to learn baseball, / Whose only play was what he found himself” (Frost 25-26). These lines show that Frost didn’t spend much time with friends. He had to conjure up ideas and discover new things to do on his own in order to entertain himself. The reference to baseball in the lines represents when Frost did learn to play baseball. He learned how to play baseball at the Salem school. Frost was taught by older boys at the school how to play the game and many skills that came with it. Frost fell in love with the sport and ended up joining the school team as a child. Many other connections that are made to Frost’s childhood are found throughout the poem “Birches.”
Additionally, other lines in “Birches” show things that occurred when Frost was a child. Although Frost didn’t have many friends, one friend Frost did have that was very mischievous, but was also able to teach Frost many things, was named Charley. Charley taught Frost how to hunt animals by tracking them and trapping them, how to skin multiple animals, and how to collect the nests of birds. Charley obviously made a big impact on a certain part of Frost’s childhood because he was written about in the poem “Birches.” Frost said, “When I see birches bend to left and right / Across the lines of straighter darker trees, / I like to think some boy’s been swinging them” (Frost 1-3). These lines relate to an event when Charley taught Frost how to...

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