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The Story Of “Success” Essay

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The Story of "Success""I look out at it and I think it is the most beautiful history in the world. . . . It is the history of all aspiration not just the American dream but the human dream and if I came at the end of it that too is a place in the line of the pioneers." F. Scott Fitzgerald, the famous author of The Great Gatsby, provided us with a view of a notorious era, the Jazz Age. The Jazz Age, a period of time between the great World War and the great depression, stood out in history for its tremendous prosperity. This is the time when public entertainment finally sparkled and spread across the nation. It was also the period in which a lot of people shared the same dream known as the American Dream, an idea that men can achieve success no matter what status they are in.Jay Gatsby, the main and most complex character in the book, would be the most vivid example to demonstrate success. As the son of two farmers, James Gatz had been "beating his way along the south shore of Lake Superior" for a year before he met Dan Cody, the millionaire who owned a yacht, and changed his name to Jay Gatsby (Fitzgerald, pg 98.) Gatsby played almost every available role on Cody's yacht but in the end he did not get a penny from Dan (pg 100.) In his darkest hours, a man named Meyer Wolfshein saved him from poverty and offered him a shortcut to success: bootlegging (pg 171.) Even though the business was illegal at the time, Gatsby put all his effort into it and made a great fortune out of it. Despite the fact that Gatsby was now able to live an ostentatious life, he didn't achieve his success. For the past five years, Gatsby had one single dream, Daisy Buchanan. Even though Daisy did not wait for him at Louisville, he still would spend an enormous amount of money throwing big parties, five years later, just so that Daisy might happen to walk into one of them (pg 79.) After the reunion with long lost love, Gatsby and Daisy quickly picked up where they left off. It was only until then that Gatsby felt successful. It's clear as daylight that, success was only a word until Gatsby found his love. For Gatsby, success would only occur when that dream was fulfilled.Although Gatsby possessed a tremendous amount of wealth, people still regarded him as a low rank figure. They never considered him as a successful man. Living across the bay, Tom Buchanan is a typical example of the people who held strong contempt for Gatsby. Tom inherited wealth from his family and all he ever worried about was that the "colored race" was taking over the world (pg 12.) As a result, Tom's first reaction to Gatsby was "Who is this Gatsby anyhow? Some bootlegger?" (pg 107.) For people like Tom, being born in a wealthy...

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