The Story Of The Grand Duchess Anastasia Nicholaevna

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Grand Duchess Anastasia Nicholaevna was born on June 18,1901. She was born to parents Nicholas II, the last ruler tzar of Russia and Alexandra. Although the family was happy for the new addition to the family most people including Nicholas were disappointed due to the baby being a girl, everyone expected a boy. Anastasia was a light brown sometimes-referred to as a blondish red haired girl with blue eyes, a true beauty. Anastasia had three elder sisters: Olga, Tatiana, and Maria. Alexei was her only brother. She grew up extremely close to her sisters they would often refer to themselves as OTMA, which were their initials. Anastasia enjoyed listening to music and she loved to paint or to look at paintings. Her closes friends described her as a wild rough girl, very independent. She was somewhat a tomboy, she wasn't very fond of schoolwork, she much rather be climbing trees or playing with her dog. She was nicknamed "imp" because of her mischievous ways, she loved playing pranks on people, one time she went as far as rolling a rock in snow, throwing it to her sister and knocking her out. Although usually portraying a tough girl her soft side came out when it came to her pets and her little brother who was suffering from a disorder called "hemophilia", she took care of him. Alexei and her were as best friends; they were very fond of each other and enjoyed each other's company. Alexandra spent most of her time with Anastasia's little brother.Nicholas took Russia into War World I and left Alexandra in charge. Around the time of the war the family was taken as prisoners, and Anastasia and her sisters were all suffering from the measles. Her family and her were sent to Siberia where they were kept in captivity, they...

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