The Story Of The Rms Titanic

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The Titanic, its actual name is the RMS Titanic, it was a British Passenger ship that sank on the 15th of April 1912. The main cause of its sinking was an iceberg that it collided with during its first voyage. It was ferrying passengers from Southampton in the United Kingdom to New York City in the US. Its sinking led to the death of many people. The actual sum is likely to be at about 1500. It is considered the most deadly maritime disaster. The vessel was made by Harland and Wolff shipyard located in Belfast. His naval architect was Thomas Andrews. RMS Titanic was alleged to be the biggest ship at that time. It was among the three Olympic class ocean liners that were operated by White Star Line. On her first trip it was carrying 2,224 passengers not accounting for the crew members.
The ship’s captain was Edward J Smith. He was tasked with the important role of providing leadership to the ship’s crew and guiding its crew to ensure its safe arrival. The passengers in the ship came from different backgrounds. It contained some of the wealthiest people during that time. The Titanic was even nicknamed the “Millionaire’s Special” due to how it attracted the most wealthy in society. Aboard the vessel were renowned individuals such as Benjamin Guggenheim, an American businessman, William Thomas Stead, a British journalist and finally Isidor Straus with his wife Ida; who partly owned the then Macy’s Department store. It also contained some of the poorest among them being emigrants from Scandinavia, Great Britain, Ireland and other countries in Europe seeking for a better life in America. America that time was regarded as the land of opportunity and many were moving there in order to improve on their lifestyles.
Both groups could be accommodated appropriately in the Titanic. The Titanic was divided into classes that discriminated on passengers by the prices they could afford to pay. There was first class which targeted the wealthy. Its accommodation was designed to be the apex of luxury and comfort. It had classy facilities like a gymnasium, swimming pool, high end restaurants and even lavish cabins. For communication, a wireless telegraph was provided so as to ensure all passengers are comfortable. It also had safety measures which were advanced and appropriate during that time. Such included remotely activated watertight doors and compartments. They also had lifeboats which could be used in case of any emergency. They had approximately 20 life boats. Titanic has received constant criticism for not having enough lifeboats for all those who were on board and this led to a review of maritime safety regulations.
Third class wasn’t that bad as compared to those in other ships. It was referred to as the steerage. They definitely were not as classy as first class. White Star Line had adopted some improved standards for the lower-class travelers and immigrants of the trans-Atlantic to at least be more...

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