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The Story Of The Yahi Man

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“In august of1911, a starving Native American Indian walked out of the Butte wilderness into Oroville California and became an instant journalistic sensation.” (Rockafeller) The Indians name was Ishi. He came out of the forest starving and scavenging for food. “Ishi looked like the walking dead.” (Gannet) Ishi will always be remembered by his historical imprint that he left on the world. Ishi was born into the wild and ended up living in one of the biggest cities, with a death that shattered the U.S.
“There he stood… tearfully straddling two worlds.” (Rockafeller) Ishi was caught between two worlds. Ishi was all alone left in the wilderness, when all of his tribe dies in a horrible massacre. His tribe was the Yahi; the Yahi were very independent, having come up with language, customs, and techniques that were their own. There is no exact date of when Ishi was born; it was sometime in the 1860s. There is also no information on Ishi’s childhood, data shows that he was taught many things by his tribe while he was younger, younger men are taught natural survival skills before they get to old so they know how to live on their own and support a family; Ishi was taught and he put those skills to everyday survival. In the 1840s there were about 400 Yahi people in existence. When the Yahi died, Ishi was the only one who could save the culture.
When Ishi was left in the woods all alone, he tried his best to survive. He was starving with no food or water; he lacked weight and didn’t have any where to go. When hunting did not work in his favor and food had run out, he found himself walking and scavenging for food all alone in the California wilderness. He walked 40 miles away from his campground; when he came upon a creek. He decided he would take a drink and suddenly decided that he could go no farther. His legs were week and could not move. Across the creek was civilization, which Ishi had never come upon before. A couple of men saw the weak Indian and got the Sherriff, they thought he was mentally insane because of the lack of clothes and he could not speak any English at all. When he was took into custody, and the police found out he was not mentally insane; they...

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