The Story Of Vlad The Impaler's Life

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Are you a fan of Vampires or Dracula? I am so I did some research on them, that, and I was told to. My essay is over the very first vampire Vlad Dracula or more commonly today Vlad the Impaler. Yes this is going to take a while so hold tight. Vlad was born in Transylvania a very long time ago. He was a prince of Wallachia for many, many years. He was well known for what he did to the enemy during the battles he fought in. Vlad was a highly feared person. He was the over taker of many lands, and villages. Vlad Dracula was a dastardly man who in this seriously long essay I will explain everything I have the knowledge of. Let’s Begin.

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The battle distracted the Turks long enough for Vlad to sneak past them and head north towards the city of Wallachia, and proclaim himself as the prince of Wallachia. He ruled for almost five long and hard years and a tough prince. “Any crime made in the city was punishable by impalement” (“Vlad the Impaler”).Thus he earned the title “Vlad the Impaler” or Vlad Tepes. Vlad had impaled so many people that the streets of Wallachia were lined with the blood of his many victims.

After his long rule the Moldavian people, who he also ruled over, along with the Transylvanian people were finally fed up with the way he was ruling over them and both countries exiled him from their lands. After many months in exile he met up with his cousin Matthias.” He along with Matthias went to war against the Turks” (Goldberg & Itzkowitz pg: 122). While in the war, battle, however you want to see it, Vlad was beheaded by the Turks. He suffered exactly what all his countless victims suffered. His head was mounted on a post and taken to the Turkish leader as a trophy of victory. His beheaded body was...

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