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On a hot Saturday during the summer, my parents called my brother, John, and I downstairs. John and I raced down stairs to see what my parents needed. They replayed the voicemail to us. It was my aunt saying to pack our bags, because she was taking us on a surprise trip. My brother and I were overcome with excitement as we packed our stuff and awaited my aunt on the steps of our house. After what seemed like many hours later, my aunt showed up to get us. We quickly told our parents “Bye!” and jumped in the car, guessing our surprise destination.
My aunt drove for about a half hour, and we eventually came to a stop. John and I looked up to see a building we had never been to before. I guess our confused expressions told my aunt that we had no idea where we were. My aunt got this super excited look and told us “We’re getting on a plane! Just a little bit longer and you will find out were we’ll be spending the weekend!” With intense eagerness, John and I jumped out of the car and followed our aunt into the big building. A few minutes later, we boarded the plane and waited eagerly to see where the flight would take us. For the first five to ten minutes, John and I were overflowing with energy, but as the flight went on we began to get extremely bored. As we thought thru things we could do, John came up with a great idea. When we were babies and would spend the night at her house, she would always tell us stories. So we looked at her and asked for a story. Our aunt look less than excited, but sighed and began a story. The same story we had head over and over again. Oh yes, “The Three Little Pigs”. We sat there expressionless until half of the story was over. John looked at her and said “You need to use your imagination.” Auntie looked offended and told us to be quiet. John and I slumped over and began brainstorming. Then, I looked over and saw a jolly looking old man next to me. I leaned over to John and told him my idea, which was to talk the man into telling us a better story. John was for it, so I climbed into the friendly old mans lap and politely asked “Would you mind telling my brother and me a story? Anything other than the three...

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