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The Stress Of The First Year Of College

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Showing you what it is like entering the first year of college. Have you ever been in a situation where school can be stressful in many different aspects? I found out being prepared has its likes and dislikes. Here’s my experience on time management, financial, academic, also social life stress.

One thing you must know is when I receiving a acceptance into the college my life was just begun to be stressful. The first problem that comes to mind is financial aid. Financial aid provides you with the ability to continue your education at a college within your choice but, what I didn’t understand was how the aid was being process to help me. As an example, the college I attend was like taking trips back and forth, It was quite of a distance. Some of the papers that they asked for was either incomplete or certain information was missing. Knowing the United States of American money requires for the best education. After twenty days, I was accepted. Now with all the problems behind me I have completed the first step in college.

In addition, academic work can make a student also be stressed out. Many student worries are about earning a high score in test, quiz, also classwork. My experience in earning a grade has been stressful, because certain teachers make learning hard even if the work is a simple step. For example, there was a teacher whose teachings was very different, instead of showing the fastest way to complete a problem, he chose the longest way. I think the reason why is because of the school in his country, and the way he was taught. Now I have graduated from stress into more stress which is college. During three weeks of college, all I have receive is more and more homework, also essays. In one of the class, my teacher gives out quizzes everyday, then she talks about mid-terms, finals, testes. She says, if you do not get a high score on your testing quizzes, finals you will fail. I think the teacher...

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