The Stranding Of Royal Majesty: How It Relates To The Navigation Rules With Partial Comparisons To: Braer And El Paso Paul Kayser.

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Introduction.In my attempt to create a paper on how the Navigation Rules pertain to vessel mishaps over the past years, I endeavored to find three separate cases that were similar in their ultimate outcomes but which differed in the events leading up to them. My attempt led me to select these cases I felt I could accurately compare. To my mind these cases seemed similar in their appearance but as I began spending time on them I began to see they did indeed differ in many ways even though they are all vessel strandings. In the end, I feel I had succeeded in selecting good examples to compare. I must confess that another reason for my choice was an attempt to make my paper a somewhat "easy" exercise by selecting three separate strandings involving only that one vessel. Here, I was mistaken and later, on, happily so as I began to enjoy this work. It became apparent that although these cases each involved only one vessel, the events leading up to and surrounding them was quite complicated. I was happy to find that this project would excite my investigative thought processes and desire to learn more about the reasons why each incident had come about. Although the ultimate grounding of each of these vessels is where most of the similarities would end, already I had learned early on that even single-vessel incidents can have their complexities. Finding the differences in these three cases and further, to see how they pertained to the Navigation Rules would be an extra treat for me.Finally, I needed a benchmark of some sort for my own understanding of this business so that I may do my job better if I were placed in the same situation in my career. I am sure that I may not only refer back to this paper, but also to build upon it with new information from sources I will find in the future.When learning about the USCG Navigation Rules and how these Rules relate to an incident, I find that I need to go back to well before the incident happened. In fact, I need to consider the state of readiness and competence of the persons and the seaworthiness of the vessel involved (Rule #2a) even before the fateful voyage began. One of my selections among the three cases addresses this point. The work done on the Motor Tanker Braer is an example of this point. Quality of work done on the vessel factored as the beginning of a chain of events leading up to eventual stranding and loss of both vessel and cargo of light crude on the south shores of the Shetland Islands. Although opportunities to save the vessel had been offered, the initial seeds of the incident were planted well before the voyage began. Similarly, another case involving the Royal Majesty and her grounding hard on the shoals off Nantucket were brought about partially due to the training of the crew. As a contrasting view, the El Paso Paul Kayser stranding in Gibraltar Bay does not have its beginnings as had the former two mentioned. These incidents show how diverse the reason are for such events to happen.The...

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