The Strategic Importance Of A Democratic Burma

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Burma remains the world's second largest producer of illicit opium with an estimated production in 2008 of 340 metric tons (CIA, 2010). Our presence in Burma will free it from tyranny and promote an effective democracy. The ability to communicate our strategy with precision to partners in this endeavor ensures success. I will provide you with information covering background, government, strategic importance, and future direction for the country of Burma.
Background Information
The first inhabitants of the Ayayarwady River basin were the Mon and Pyu civilizations (ProQuest, 2009). In the 11th century, these civilizations led to a unified Burmese kingdom at Bagan. Great Britain incorporated Burma into India in 1885, which led to it becoming a separate colony in 1937. During World War II Japan occupied Burma until 1945. After the war, Burma became an independent nation in 1948. General Ne Win in 1962, led a military coup, abolishing Burma’s constitution and established a xenophobic military government with socialist economic policies (State, 2010). In September 1988 through a military coup, the Junta took power. Burma has since struggled to establish a stable government.

The Junta, known as the State Peace and Development Council, or SPDC, currently governs Burma. A committee of military leaders leads the SPDC. Government stability wavers from the broad sanctions for human rights violations and trading illicit drugs. Burma opposes our national security strategy through tyranny of its people, trafficking of persons, and illicit drug trade.
Transnational crime
Transnational organized crime groups in Burma operate a multibillion-dollar criminal industry that stretches across Southeast Asia (Wyler, 2008). However, Burma is a resource rich country with minerals, livestock, and forestry its economy is overshadowed from the corrupt that conduct illegal activity. Transnational crime groups foster corruption in Junta rule and challenge the pillars of the national security strategy.
Economic Struggles
Burma’s economy struggles everyday so long as the Junta is in control. For ordinary people, economic insecurity was made worse by the regime's arbitrary policies (the demonetization without compensation of September 1987, which wiped out ordinary people's savings and sparked the first student demonstrations in over a decade) (Seekins, 2005). International...

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