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The United States has had its share of economic prosperity, but none as thriving as the 1920s era, labeled the “Roaring Twenties”. The 1920s era saw great political and social change to the United States society. The US economy blossomed, and the nation's total wealth more than doubled in the 1920s era. As a result of this social and political change as well as the success of the economy, transformed many Americans into a "consumer society". The great economic success during the time period also created an excess of money to spend, which was used and spent aimlessly on unnecessary luxuries due to the fact that it was affordable and accessible. During this time period, some freedoms were ...view middle of the document...

One important factor to understand about the impact of organized crime in the 1920s is the major participants in the organized crime business, as well as where and what they did to impact such a growing illegitimate business. Although there were many specific individuals that are responsible for leading the organizations, they were not the founding members. During the Roaring Twenties era, immigration numbers increased drastically. Waves of Italians flocked to the United States, including Italian families who emigrated from Sicily in Italy, to major cities in the United States. These Italian families greatly influenced the organized crime business in the United States due to the simple fact that many of the Italian families that migrated to the United States belonged to the Sicily Mafia. Over time, the Italian mafia was able to expand and grow in size increasing its influence. Until the 1920s however, the mafia had little impact compared to its impact during the prohibition. Eventually, the gangs transformed into a sophisticated organized group, skilled in many forms of illicit activities. In order for the organization to succeed, a strong leader must control the mafia. During the 1920s, the most notorious and infamous gangster was Al Capone. Al Capone built a bootlegging empire, and monopolized the bootlegging business in one of the most iconic cities in the United Cities, Chicago Illinois. Although Al Capone and his empire were the most famous, it was not the only gang, in all major cities; the mafia dominated the market for illicit products. Conclusion Sentence
The immediate impact organized crime played on society during the 1920s was extremely recognizable, as it provided positive and negative impacts on the prosperous society of the Roaring Twenties. A very negative impact on society during this time period was the quality of the alcohol being consumed. Because the bootlegging business is not a legitimate business, the alcohol being sold was of bad quality. This tragically resulted in a 400% increase of death from alcohol poisoning. Another negative impact caused by organized crimes was the violent methods used to achieve success. The methods practiced were extremely gruesome and...

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