The Road To Recovery Essay

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Coming up to a jump about to go airborne but then smash! He crashes into the dirt breaking his leg and part of his knee, but he has no support. This is where you would go to Road 2 Recovery(R2R) for help. There are many foundations out there to help people with sport problems, but there are only a few to help with dirt biking. This is why The Road 2 Recovery foundation is a dedicated program to help AMA professional motocross and supercross members with financial and emotional assistance if they have a career ending or very critical injury (“Welcome to the Road 2 Recovery foundation” 1).
At sometime in every single sport someone is always injured or getting injured. However, of all of the sports, research has proven that motocross is one of the sports with the highest risks. Supercross is the second most dangerous type of dirt biking racing out there. The fast paced racing and the uncertainty of knowing what the racer in front of you will do makes this such a dangerous type of racing. Motocross is little less dangerous because most of the racing is outdoors, not indoors in a small stadium. But the most dangerous type of dirt biking is freestyle. The difficult tricks, speed, and the height of the jumps makes this the most dangerous type of dirt biking. The risk taking behavior is played out in a cat and mouse type games that rides engage in all around the nation. There are many different riders who will do anything to get that extra thrill to get that adrenaline rush. Even some of these riders drive in places that they aren’t suppose to, like non-permitted areas such as closed practice tracks or private land. Some motocross and supercross communities are trying to help riders with the lack of caring about boundaries learn that even though its great to ride, being safe and obeying the law is more important. Most riders take every single risk to just make their lap times better or to hit that jump faster to win. These high speeds combined with rough terrain, and the feeling of not knowing what the rider in front of will do next, makes this sport very dangerous. All of these little and big risks in dirt biking makes this fun but dangerous sport have one of the largest amount of riders injured compared to many other sports (“Motocross = High Risks and Thrill Seekers” 1). High risks, dangerous driving, and the speed of the sport all cause many injuries, some severe and some minor. Every rider at some time gets some type of minor contusions and lacerations, but many of them get worse injuries that cause broken bones that need some type of surgery. Almost every single one of these injuries could be stopped or made less severe by just wearing all or more safety gear (“Motocross Safety” 1). Since the rate of severe and career ending injuries have popped up in motocross. Many different riders are wearing extra safety equipment to help protect themselves from ending their motocross career. “All of these riders take these risks because they are thrill...

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