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The R.O.A.D. to Success
Today in America, one prominent field is always in need of new workers: the medical field. The demand for physicians has steadily increased over the past few decades. Logically, this makes sense considering that the United States’ population has increased by nearly 70 million people in a span of 30 years (“Population”). Patients are limited to the doctors that are employed within a convenient distance; with a limited number of doctors being put out every year (approximately 25,000), hospitals are providing more with less (Cauchon). With 131 accredited medical schools just in the US alone (“Medical Schools”), how is there still a shortage of doctors? The number of retiring doctors is proportionate to the number of new doctors, but still, the percent of undergraduate students that continue their education to pursue a medical degree is low. Many people fear patient interaction; some fear the thought of handling another’s life. Some people simply do not wish to remain in school for up to another ten years. These are quite general, but for the passionate student, there is a choice of career for everyone. Students should be willing to explore all the possibilities, and also understand that the journey is a long one. There are many different medical careers with many distinct qualities. Prospective doctors should consider these distinct qualities. A critical quality, dichotomized by radiology and dermatology, is patient interaction—direct or indirect.
Most students going into medicine may hear an acronym on their journey of fulfillment: R.O.A.D.: Radiology, Ophthalmology, Anesthesiology, and Dermatology. Typically, standard physicians work up to or even more than sixty hours per week (Occupational). The R.O.A.D. careers differ than most as they are high-paying jobs that offer a great outlook; not only are they well worth the ride through medical school, the residencies and work after college are much less intensive. There is excellent employment outlook, and furthermore, security in all four careers. Medical professionals developed this acronym by selecting careers that were rated well for “offering good pay with minimum work hours, low patient loads, above average working conditions, and typically low on-call time” (Hoover). Radiology and dermatology both fall under this timeless acronym—just one of many similarities that should be noted by the prospective doctor.
Radiology , or “the area of medicine that uses X rays , high-frequency sound waves, high strength magnetic fields, and radioactive compounds to diagnose and treat illness and injury” (“Radiologists”), has existed since the discovery of the x-ray in the late 1800s by Wilhelm Roentgen. Ever since then, research and advancements in technology have harnessed the power of x-ray waves to capture and view things within the body that doctors in prior generations never dreamed of viewing without the use of a scalpel. No longer do doctors have to make incisions in a living...

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