The Road To World War Ii (What Were Germany And Britain's Foreing Policy And Do You Agree That Agressive Nationalism, Weakness Of The League And Appeasment Caused Ww Ii)

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Hitler was still full of hatred from the First World War, and wanted revenge for how Germany had been treated over the last two decades. Hitler had always kept tight control over foreign affairs, formulating himself both the strategy and the tactics calculated to achieve his goals on a world scale. To do this, he created his Foreign Policy aims. These were:·To go back on the terms of the Treaty of Versailles and re-establish Germany's position in world affairs. Hitler hated the Treaty of Versailles, and thought it was an unfair and humiliating treaty. Most people in Europe also thought the treaty was unfair at this time, so when Hitler began to break the terms of the treaty, he was appeased and allowed to do it. However, if Hitler was going to regain everything that Germany had lost because of the Treaty of Versailles, then he was going to have to invade other countries.·To re-arm. Hitler wanted Germany to be a power in Europe again, and to do this he needed to re-arm. He was given an excuse in the early 1930s when there was great unemployment in Germany. It was the perfect solution to their problems.·To unite all German-speaking people in one country. The treaty of Versailles had given each race of people their own country, but this meant that there were many Germans spread all over Europe. If he were to unite them all in one country, he would start having to invade and take over other countries, which could quite easily turn into war.·To win living space, or Lebensraum, for Germany. The only way that Hitler could do this was to take control of the countries around Germany. Hitler believed that this space needed to be acquired in the east, at the expense of the Soviets, so as to secure for Germany the Ukrainian "breadbasket" and open up vast territories for German colonization. The peoples of these areas would be put to work on the land that used to be their own doing manual, slave-like tasks for the Reich. These actions could have quite easily started a war.·Hitler found justification for his Lebensraum conquests in his notions of German racial superiority over the Slavic peoples who inhabited the lands he coveted. He believed he had to racially "cleanse" the Reich. Hitler thought that his race of people was perfect, and that other races were beneath them. If Hitler were to "cleanse" the Reich, then he would have to commit mass murder in Germany and the surrounding countries.·To destroy Communism or as Hitler saw it, "the vanguard for the world's Jewish conspiracy." To do this, Hitler would have to wage war with the USSR as Bolsheviks had seized power in 1917 and now established a communist state stretching from the Pacific to the Baltic. To get to the USSR, they would have to go through Poland, which could quite easily start a war, however, Britain and France also hated Communism, and they would probably support a war between Germany and the USSR. The USSR became part of the League of Nations in 1934,...

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