The Strength And Weakness Of The Press

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Newspaper, being one of the earliest mass media communication platforms, might be decreasing in popularity among the public. But even so, it keeps surviving by refining and improving itself in order to keep up with all the other medias. The current newspaper that we hold and read today has come a long way in developing itself. There is time when newspapers don’t make news like the way they do today, and there is also time when newspapers that are overly stuffed with too many advertisements don’t exist. In the past, newspaper used to be a paper full of articles, published with the aim to correct false rumors that go around between society; but then it started to realize its own ability to gather news and later on, make one (McLuhan, 2008). In terms of the coverage area, newspapers that are formerly published for local consumption has also started to expand their coverage spreading news to more and more people nationally and globally. They winded off from the traditional printed-paper phase and on to the new phase of information technology; they eventually get a place on the screen: computer screen, laptop screen, smartphone screen, tablet, and any other screens of devices that connect to their Internet-based news website.
Overall, newspaper has been a great media to spread information. The current newspaper provides a platform for publicity that is able to trigger an instant reaction from community (McLuhan, 2008). Publicity is arguably the objective of a newspaper. Newspaper can serve in its full capacity when it can provide transparency to the mass, which may cause it seemingly looking like a paper fully dedicated for bad news; but generally, in the real world news are indeed a repetition of bad news, which is why the Press would need to mount a hectic amount of cheerful advertisements to balance everything out (McLuhan, 2008).
The amount of publicity given by newspaper can either benefit or harm the society. In this essay, I’d like to analyze the positive and negative impacts of Press and how it affects the world of design industry.
As stated before in the summary, newspaper provides a platform for publicity. A large scale platform, as a matter of fact: the paper form of the media easily covers places that are isolated, not covered by wired media such as the rural and inland areas, while the Internet based form supports people on the go with the latest news whenever and wherever possible (Mogel, 2000). Having information quickly and widely distributed this way enables more news to be covered in a single newspaper, which will result in the cluttered media caused by the overabundant amount of information compacted in one medium. This condition prompts the cooperation between journalism and design, giving design a new language; it’s a language called “newspaper design” that speaks about layout, infographics, fonts, kerning, and legibility (Mogel, 2000).
In democratic countries, this platform given by Press is even more vital to keep the mass...

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