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The Strength Of A Woman Essay

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Henrik Ibsen's controversial play A Doll's House asserts that women are able to think for themselves and have the ability to change their lives. The main character, Nora, faces decisions during the play that eventually make her a strong character. Throughout the play her choices show that she is a weak character to begin with, but in the end becomes strong. Each act of the play demonstrates a different stage of Nora's strength. In Act I Nora is very weak and the only decisions she makes are based on her childlike thoughts. During Act II Nora begins to show some strength but reverts to her childlike state of mind afterwards. The final stage of Nora's strength is in Act III. In this act Nora not only questions Torvald, but also tells him what must happen. Nora Helmer is a weak character that plays her husband's doll in the beginning, but becomes strong in the end.During Act I Nora is treated like a child not only by her husband, but by her friends as well. Torvald Helmer refers to her as his lark, squirrel, and featherhead. These are not terms of endearment because they belittle her. He thinks Nora is stupid and reminds her of this fact with the tone he uses during their conversations. Torvald also will not let Nora have macaroons. This is another way that Torvald can control what Nora does. After Nora asks Torvald for help deciding what to wear to a party, he replies, "Aha! So my obstinate little woman is obliged to get someone to come to her rescue" (27). He says this to let her know that she is dependent on him and is not able to do anything without him. If Nora were a strong person she would not allow Torvald to speak to her this way or control what she eats. Torvald is not the only person to belittle Nora in this act. When Nora and Christine are discussing money Christine says, "Nora, Nora, haven't you learnt sense yet" (9). This comment shows that Christine feels Nora is not an intelligent person. The reason Christine and Torvald think Nora is stupid is because she is a weak character and does not defend herself. Nora is treated like a child, but she is willing to play the part.In Act II Nora begins to speak her mind and defend her views, but she still does not fight for herself. When Nora tells Torvald about her dress he says, "Wasn't that a happy thought of mine, now". Nora wants Torvald to give her some credit and says, "Splendid! But don't you think it was nice of me, too, to do as you wish", to which he replies, "Nice? -because you do as your husband wishes? Well, well, you little rogue, I am sure you did not mean it in that way" (33). After this comment Nora changes the subject instead of fighting for a complement from Torvald. This shows that Nora is becoming a strong person because she wants recognition. Later in Act II Nora is speaking with Krogstad. When Krogstad tells Nora someday he will be the manager of the bank and not...

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