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The Strength Of A Single Parent Shown In The Scarlet Letter

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What is a single parent? Is it one who destroys their child’s life? Is it one who ultimately cannot raise a minor on their own? Or is it one who dedicates their lives to the well being of their kid? Imagine a parent, and for whatever reason they were left alone to raise a child. That parent you imagined has to work long hours just to put a meal on the table. That parent has to play the role of the mother and father. That parent has no financial support. Unfortunately, in our society, this image of a single parent is looked down upon. There are people that don’t realize how much a single parent goes through to give their child a better life.
When it comes to the controversial issue of parenting, I believe that a single parent has the ability to raise a child just as effectively as two parents can. The reasons why are because the minor can learn life lessons that can only be acquired with a single parent, the single guardian can be the best choice for the young one, and a single parent has the ability to put all their attention and care to the son or daughter. Although some readers may object that it is impossible for a single parent to take care of a child than two parents, I would answer that it is not impossible. In The Scarlet Letter, a woman named Hester and her baby daughter Pearl were ostracized from society; and the young mother was left alone to take care of her daughter. Ultimately, my goal is to demonstrate that a child with a single parent can be raised properly by using the example of Hester and Pearl.
By being with Hester, Pearl got to experience a different manner in life which enabled her to see an outside perspective of Puritan life and learn moral lessons from it. Pearl was not born into the typical puritan family; she was born from a passionate relationship which made her and her mother an outcast in the town. Due to Hester’s adultery, she came out into the world “born [an] outcast of the infantile world” (97). Pearl, by being at her mother’s side, got to observe the ways of “the children of the settlement that would scar[e] one another with freaks of imitative witchcraft” (97). Able to see from the sidelines, she realized the cruelness of the puritans and how hypocritical they were due to the way they were treated. This showed Pearl how to not care of what society wants her to be, but instead truly be herself despite what others say. The child did not need the approvable of others to be the happy sprite she was full of “beauty…and intelligence” (92). A moral lesson that Pearl learned by being with Hester, was about Hester’s scarlet letter. Hester not being approved by the people had to wear a letter “A” on her bosom. That letter showed a “lesson [that her] child may be wiser and better” (114). The moral lesson from the mark was of how actions had consequences; how her action of adultery had made her carry that symbol for the rest of her life. This was an entire life lesson for Pearl, that her actions always...

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