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The Strength Of Street Knowledge Essay

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The year is 1987 and the streets of south central Los Angeles are infested with street gangs and crack cocaine, the LAPD in turn began taking an aggressive approach towards law enforcement. This sort of environment produced a group called NWA meaning N****s With Attitude. The group had five members; Eazy-E, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, MC Ren and DJ Yella. The group was started from Eazy’s drug money and Dr. Dre’s producing skills. Together they started looking for local talent. Ice Cube was the first artist/songwriter to enter the group. His association with the Rolling 60s Crips made him a perfect fit for the group. The group needed another rapper who could rhyme as fast as Cube so MC ...view middle of the document...

Eazy’s cousin brought him into the drug game but when his cousin was killed he thought it was time to get out of the streets(Renfro). This rise in street violence came with an aggressive approach from law enforcement.

Police Brutality was common in south central Los Angeles. When Ice cube was 13 years old police snatched him out of a car laid him on the freeway and put a gun to his head threatening to kill him(Pumperup75). Police were known for stopping anyone who looked like a gang member, handcuffing and searching them. It was said by civilians that if nothing was found police sometimes would throw you in the back of the car beat you then drop you off. In 1992 footage of the Rodney king beating was released where you could see several police officers taking turns beating a man with police batons. Since 1980 the district attorney's office has declined to prosecute at least 278 police officers and sheriffs deputies (Freed). Thirteen percent of officers accused have been prosecuted and about half of those prosecuted were convicted. In contrast seventy seven percent of all civilians were prosecuted and three fourths of them convicted (Freed). The 4 officers involved in the Rodney King beating were set free and. This sparked the LA riots, which leads into my next topic social turmoil.
Music Created By NWA created social turmoil. All members of NWA were from Compton and their goal with their music was to show people what life in the hood was really like. The controversial group had become quite popular through its release of their first studio album “Straight Outta Compton.” NWA’s unapologetically violent lyrics have made the group one of the most notorious. “Rap music by its very nature promotes violence” said Dewey Stokes of the fraternal order of police. The music on the first album portrayed images of gangs, violence, guns, drugs, and sexism. When the music reached the white suburbanites it really started to become a “problem” because these young people loved to rebel against the views of their parents and eventually became part of the group’s core audience(Giovachinni). Thus the older generation in America believed that gangster rap...

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