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The Strengthening Simulation Of A Weak Society

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Arthur Miller wants to change the way people act toward the McCarthy trials, so he writes The Crucible. It simulates the McCarthy trials through dramatic situations and dynamic and static characters. There are connections that can be made from the communist hunt and The Crucible’s witch hunt. They represent the way Miller sees the society during the trials. In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, he presents senator McCarthy as the court, the hysteria of the people being claimed a communist as the hysteria of the town being claimed a witch, and the high possibility of being targeted as a communist as the high possibility of being targeted as a witch.
According to Miller, the political representatives in the United States were abusing their power. Senator McCarthy labeled and targeted many citizens of the United States as communists. After making “a list of two hundred and five people that were known as… being members of the Communist Party”, he went after them claiming they were unloyal to the US and that they were spies for the communist party. The abuse of power in the United States is demonstrated through the actions of the court in The Crucible. The court, consisting of Danforth, Parris, and Hawthorne, pursue the townspeople that are accused of being witches. They use their power to “try” people of their crimes, but real evidence that the person is a witch is never brought up. The way the people are claimed guilty or not was all up to the judgement of the court after hearing a testimony that may or may not be true. The comparison between the two is they both contain over powering leaders that make decisions based on unverified facts. Likewise, Herblock’s “It’s ok… we’re hunting communists” cartoon portrays how McCarthy took charge of the hunt. His committee is seen in a car that is being driven recklessly. It is speeding by signs and almost running people over. People who stand around all display the same scared expressions on their faces.
Miller indicates that feelings are shared between both societies, these feelings are fear and hysteria. Herblock’s cartoon “Fire” shows a hysterical person with a bucket of water running up a ladder and at the top of the ladder is the torch that demonstrates the power light has over darkness. Clearly the statement it is trying to make is that hysteria can lead to the destruction of light and goodness.The United States at this time was extremely hysterical about the possibility of communists living in the country. McCarthy’s solution to this problem was to go after them, but this causes hysteria among the people. His actual motive was stated in The Great Fear : “He loved to manipulate people, to create turmoil and confusion.” While he did this,...

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