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The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Time Management And Their Relationship With Stress In The Workplace

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I am writing an Assignment for my ILM Level 2 Course - Unit 1 – Managing Yourself. This Assignment will discuss the Strengths and Weaknesses of Time Management and their relationship with Stress in the Workplace, and how Stress affects the achievement of Personal and Team Goals. I intend to show how good time management can reduce stress and will base my findings on information I have gathered and a questionnaire I have written for my colleagues while giving examples of both good and bad time management
The Report will outline causes, symptoms and support available for Stress. This will be done by setting SMART objectives with the intention of reducing stress and improving ...view middle of the document...

g. for B – Do the production plan for midday on Thursday. – This is the optimum time to issue the plan as stores are waiting to pick parts for production and the team leaders are waiting for their workload sheets for the following week. This would have to be delegated to someone else in the team if the deadline couldn’t be hit within a few hours
• e.g. for C – Get in touch with customer to check drawing query – Important because this info is required to finish the job, but not urgent as other parts of the job can be completed while waiting for this info.
• e.g. for D – Parts not coming in as requested on a Tuesday for a job being manufactured on Friday – Neither Urgent or important because safety time was factored , in case of a similar situation and the parts are not really required until job start on Friday, they came in Thursday morning.
Poor Time management and bad decision making can affect the team because somebody else cannot complete their job and this then cascades down the chain until potentially the Job is late for the customer
e.g. B. No Production Plan sent to stores = Parts are not picked = Team can’t assemble job in time = LATE to Customer.
This is the scenario you are trying to avoid in business as it gives yourself, your colleagues and the Business a loss of reputation
Tasks can be achieved by correctly deciding which letter in the matrix to group your tasks, so that you can cover A and B first as they are the priority, using the key management skill of delegating if necessary to help achieve team goals. This promotes a good working atmosphere, while reducing stress for the team
• Always able to get the production plan sent on time because several others can’t carry out their job without this information ultimately making the job late
• Have a set routine each week for important tasks - tracking sheets issued before job is started so each area knows what needs to be done.
• Team Leader meetings Mon, Wed, Fri so everybody is kept up to date and any minor issues ironed out so delivery dates not affected
• Easily Distracted - don’t finish tasks 100% before another started, this leads to rushing and poor productivity through stop/start
SMART Objectives
Specific Areas to Improve
Team Goals How will it be Achieved Resource Required Who will be Involved Target dates/Measures
Production Plan out for 12am Weekly Check tracking sheets daily and updates from supervisors every 2 days E-mail access

Team leaders Stores
Production Supervisor
Production Manager e-mail will be in peoples Inbox by 12pm every Thursday
Make sure all Jobs are covered in the Production Plan Work closely with production manager to review current orders on a daily basis WIP Sheet
Job Management Spreadsheet Myself
Production Manager Late deliveries will be no higher than 5% over each 6 week period
Increase knowledge of Risks Associated with the Manufacturing Process Attend at least 3 H+S Forums Time away from planning to...

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