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The Strong And Brave Hero Essay

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A brave hero often risks his/her lives to save someone else. In Zeitoun, Dave Eggers tells us a story of Abdulrahman Zeitoun, the hard working Syrian American owner of a contracting company in New Orleans. Zeitoun and his wife Kathy ran the company together. They have three children named Nademah, Safiyah, Aisha. Kathy has a child from her first marriage. Zeitoun is very closed with his family and he takes his family like nobody else. When hurricane Katrina landed in 2005, endless number of people were affected. Mayor Nagin ordered a first time ever mandatory evacuation. Kathy moved with the children to her sister’s house in Baton Rouge. Zeitoun refused to leave with his family because he ...view middle of the document...

“They’re swarthy,” she said. “I only want white people working on my house”(37). Zeitoun was very concerned and frustrated with these racial discrimination. This is not only affect a person emotionally, but also developing stereotypes. “[Zeitoun] was so content in this country, so impressed with and loving of its opportunities, but then why, sometimes, did Americans fall short of their best selves?”(38). He didn’t care about what the women had said to him, he still could go through it without failing himself. In that situation, Eggers shows us that Zeitoun is a fearless person with his powerful abilities. He made the commitment to overcome the racial stereotypes. With all the frustrated life experiences that he had gone through, he could still overcome and move on.
Zeitoun chose to stay in the city for his own purposes. Most people would not have the courage to leave their families. On Friday, August 26, 2005, the storm had been upgraded to Category 1. Zeitoun’s family did not really care about it since storms were three or four times a season. When Zeitoun’s brother Ahmad called him about the storm, Zeitoun started to worry about his family situation. Ahmad was a technophile and ship captain in Spain. Later on that day, the National Hurricane Center had upgraded Katrina to a Category 2. People were scared and worried. Mayor Nagin ordered a voluntary evacuation of the city. Kathy planned to leave as soon as possible. But Zeitoun didn’t plan to leave with Kathy and children, and said, “Nothing’s going to happen. People are making a big deal for no reason”(54). At that moment, Zeitoun had showed his manliness to appease his family. By It was miserable that Zeitoun couldn’t be there when his family needed him the most.
If a huge hurricane is coming to your area, you should most likely evacuate right away. But when hurricane Katrina landed in New Orleans, Zeitoun had decided to stay during the hurricane. All of the electrical power was out in the city. The wind was very strong and the sky was dark. The whole city was under water. He used a canoe to explore what happened in the city. Zeitoun paddled his canoe to one of his client’s house, Frank, who was paddling with Zeitoun during the hurricane. “Zeitoun and Frank came upon a house with a large white cloth billowing from the second-floor window. When they got closer, they saw a couple, a husband and wife in their seventies, leaning out of the window”(98). However, Zeitoun and Frank couldn’t fit the man and the woman in the canoe and they promised that they would...

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