The Strong Influence Of Media On North Korean Leaders

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North Korea is located in southeastern Asia on the northern part of the Korean peninsula. It is known worldwide as having an oppressive regime. The country is controlled by the ruling family and punishments are severe. Its history has had a clear effect upon the nation. Other nations have tried, to no avail, to learn what goes on in North Korea and how to handle the North Korean problem. However, these other countries have been going about the process in the wrong manner. The road to solving the North Korean problem needs to be solidly paved before it can be trod upon. Trying to sprint down a road that is full of potholes and obstacles will only exacerbate the problem at hand. Bluntly put, there needs to be preparations in place for the North Korean refugees who will flood out of the country when the rest of the world has finally had its fill of North Korea. If there are not preparations in place, there will be no saving the people of North Korea.
North Korea was founded after the end of World War II. Kim Il-Sung came to power after the Korean War and ruled the country until his death in 1994. He has been named the Eternal President. Upon his death, his son Kim Jong-il assumed leadership of North Korea. He held the reins of control very tightly until his own death in December of 2011 from a heart attack. His third son Kim Jong-un has taken control of North Korea and is the new force to reckon with when the world tries to handle North Korea.
According to Williamson, the North Korean media has had a very strong influence on building a personality cult around the ruling family as a whole and also the individual rulers. “Along with the army, North Korea’s media apparatus is perhaps the institution most responsible for keeping its leaders in power.” (Williamson). The North Korean people are constantly barraged by media news of how great their leaders are and were, and they don’t hear anything about the world outside of North Korea. It’s no wonder that the people believe these stories; the personality cult of the ruling family has been absolute. The personality cult needs to be absolute however, because if the North Korean people were not so rigidly controlled by this institution, there is no conceivable way they would accept the abuses they have been given. The ruling family is thus dependent upon the personality cult that has been so carefully fostered.
North Korea is also incredibly dependent upon China. “China is North Korea’s most important diplomatic and economic supporter…” (Reuters). China has historically been the country supporting the sometimes insane actions of North Korea and has also been the country blocking attempts by other countries to try and handle North Korea. Although it would seem, especially following the execution of Kim Jong-un’s uncle, Jang Song Thaek, that China is losing patience with North Korea. This is dangerous for North Korea because China could very easily pull out the rug of security from beneath the feet of the...

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