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"The Strongest Woman"Before me stands the strongest woman, the person I admire and hope to become when I grow up; the strongest woman is my mother. Her smile brings meaning to my existence. Her mere presence lightens up the room, and her strength has made my brothers and myself stronger.She is short about four feet six inches, with short black hair about an inch from her shoulders. She has fairly normal ears, not too big and not too small. Her black beady eyes, perceptive of just about everything, that portray her exact emotions rest between her long beautiful eyelashes. Her smile makes my day, every morning the first thing I see is her smile as she whispers the words that keep me going in life; 'I love you, 'three words that are overused by society, they come and go, yet when she utters them they carry a deeper meaning.It wasn't very long ago when I began to perceive all she had endured due to my father. She never revealed any of it, however, now that my brothers and I are older we have seen through his malicious actions.Before he arrived, after leaving for months at a time, she was strong, beautiful, and happy; when he came he sabotaged her, she surrendered and she became a prisoner. He would be abusive towards her, both physically and emotionally. Now that I know the malignancy of his presence, it tears out my heart and eats away...

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