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In social science, Functionalism is the theory that put pressure on the dependence of the patterns and institutions of our society and her interaction by preserving her cultural and society unity. In Sociology, functionalism came from the sociologist EMILE DURKHEIM, who viewed our society as a sort of “ORGANISM” that brings with it certain “needs” that must be complete. The American sociologist Talcott Parsons analysed very extensive societies with regards to their social order, integration and stability.

The structural theory of Functionalism is a vast perspective in social science which directs to the attention of the social structure of the function and its components. Those components are called norms, values, status and role. Structural theory is also called Macro theory. That theory or perspective enables us to analyze the way our whole society works and fits together. The sociologist TALCOTT PARSONS used a different system of approach. What he done was to view all the different societies as distinguished and able to supply to their own needs without external assistance. These societies are made from a vast variety of sub-systems that are all connected and independent. According to Parson, these sub-systems needs to contribute towards four key functions that a society will need to fulfil in order to survive. These key functions are called A.G.I.L.
In order to understand social order lets have a look at the explanations of how and why all societies stick together. There are two different types of explanations for social order, which can be associated to the sociologist EMILE DURKHEIM on one hand and the sociologist KARL MARX on the other. The former sociologist E DURKHEIM is also associated with another sociologist called TALCOTT PARSONS put their attentions on the role that shared norms and values plays by preserving cohesion in our society. For the sociologist DURKHEIM, this importance emerged out of his critique of social thought. For EMILE DURKHEIM, by comparative estimate,...

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