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The Structure And Culture Of The Organisation

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Organisational culture is a key issue in any organisation, according to Mats (2012), it is central in all dimension of an organisation. Culture focuses on values, beliefs and expectation that company members come to share (Joanne, 2002). Corporate culture receives attention most times; however, there is lack of deeper understanding of how organization functions in terms of culture (Mats 2012). Schein (1985) suggested the view of culture in three levels, from the shallow to deepest. The three levels were Artefacts (which is the most visible of the organisation’s culture), Values (great level of awareness) and finally Assumptions (the part of culture that is most ignored). ...view middle of the document...

In this report, an evaluation on Apple’s organization culture is examined, to know its view as regards to culture and its implementation.

Analysis of organizational culture is vast, therefore in order to understand the Apple’s organizational culture. Cultural web is adopted. Cited by Mullins(2013), Cultural web was presented by Johnson, scholes and Whittington which is to bring different aspect of analyzing organizational culture.

Fig 2.1 Cultural web Source: Mullins and Laurie 2013: P 702
Established since 1976, Apple Inc. (formerly called Apple computer inc.) is one of the largest technology computer companies in the world according to Apple’s (2011) website. The goals of Apple Inc. are all aim to provide satisfaction of customers by reaching their high expectation to create product that exactly suitable for what they searching for. Apple Inc. Creation of loyal customers is one of the organisation dominant benefits. The company was named most admired company in 2013 by fortune magazine which could be linked to the loyal customers created by the organisation (Omar et al 2013).
The Apple’s logo has been through a lot of evolution, According to Caroline (2013) the first logo was designed by Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne in 1976. The Logo has Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. Then came the rainbow apple with a bite, which reflects the company’s tagline ‘Byte into an apple’ Since then the logo has endured small alteration, taking on a stark black look in 1998, followed by 3D versions and finally, bringing us to the white or chrome versions we see now.

Figure 2.1 Apple’s Logo evolution Source: Apple 2013

Presently the organisation operates 363 stores worldwide as well as online apple stores and iTunes stores (Apple Press 2013).In recent times, Apple Inc. Has been going through a lot of restructuring due to past events such as the loss of the former CEO due to illness and the new appointment of Tim cook in 2011.
The organizational structure of Apple was almost non-existent and focused on placing decision making in the hands of the people in the field. Apple’s corporate structure is unique to the organisation and mystery to most organisations as they are sceptical to understand how it works, According to Apple (2011), the culture of Apple is based on the idea that self motivated individuals, will work harder if they don’t have a boss micro managing every action, The unique structure of Apple had allowed it to grow and react more quickly to changes than its competitors. The reason for the quick responsiveness is simple; it is much effortless to get a project started if there are only a few hierarchies in order to obtain approval. In contrary, an ex-employee, who reported the culture to be a top-down approach, where he stated that ‘Apple is a pretty...

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